Kai’s Virgin Vapor Prepares for FDA Regulations – Testing E-Liquids for Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl

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Last updated on April 23rd, 2020

Organic E-Liquids That Are Diacetyl, and Acetyl Propionyl Free 

I may be a staunch supporter of electronic cigarettes, but I’m also concerned about public health and ecig safety. There are some popular e-liquids that contain the ingredients diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP). Buttery, sweet, or creamy e-liquid flavors sometimes contain these  two ingredients 

According to one of the most respected scientists in the industry, Dr. Konstantin Farsalinos, They may that pose a “small, but avoidable risk”.

Why the Concern over Diacetyl and Other Chemicals if E-Liquid Ingredients are FDA Approved?

According to Dr. Farsalinos,

“The study is important because it confirms the lower risk potential of e-cigarettes compared to smoking but also identifies an avoidable risk…We expect to see appropriate action taken by the e-cigarette industry to remove this small but unnecessary risk, making the products even safer than they currently are”.

Kai's Virgin Vapor is one e-liquid company that's one of the most respected in the industry. The company has taken action by submitting their products to independent labs for testing and reformulating if necessary.

Kai's Virgin Vapor E-Liquids Are Organic and Free of Dangerous Chemicals, Even PG

I discussed test results with Virgin Vapor’s customer service team. They assured me there is no Diacetyl, or Acetyl Propionyl in any of Kai's Virgin Vapor’s pure organic e-liquid flavors. Neither are there diacetyl analogues, Acetoin, 2,3-Pentanedione, diethylene glycol (DEG), ketone, aldehyde, hexane or any heavy metals such as mercury, lead, chromium and cadmium.

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According to Angel, an aptly named Kai's Virgin Vapor spokesperson,

“All of our raw materials have been tested for these and many other compounds by a third-party Certified Lab.  There are currently no regulations that require we test for these compounds; however, as a member of the AEMSA trade association, we agreed to and have tested each individual ingredient that goes into our flavorings and have Certificates of Analysis proving that our raw materials do not contain these compounds.”

Simply put:

  • Kai'sVirgin Vapor’s flavorings are derived directly from the plant, flower or fruit listed. That’s why they are certified “organic”.
  • Flavorings are not compounded with added chemicals.
  • Kai's Virgin Vapor's flavors are steam extracted or extracted in organic ethyl alcohol.
  • The extraction process makes sure no chemical residue is  left behind. 

What Are the Ingredients in Kai's Virgin Vapor E-Liquids?

The ingredients are uncomplicated:

  1. pharmaceutical grade Kosher nicotine
  2. organic pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin
  3. pure, distilled water
  4. certified organic flavors


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Safe Bottles Too

You wouldn't want chemicals such as BPA leaching into your e-liquid! Some eliquid companies use plastic bottles, but Kai's Virgin Vapor's e-juices are offered in child-resistant glass bottles. 

The company is also a certified member of AEMSA – the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association.

The bottom line is that vapers should choose their e-liquid suppliers carefully. It’s good to know that some e-liquid companies are a step ahead of FDA regulations.

Want to check out ai's Virgin Vapor's organic e-liquids? Their website has an extensive lineup of excellent e-juice flavors.

Looking for other Diacetyl-free e-liquid brands? Here's a more detailed article I wrote for Best E-Cigarette Guide.



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