Computer Games That Improve Your Brain’s Power to Think, Remember and Concentrate

Last updated on May 9th, 2018

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Improve your brain's power to concentrateMost of us know that challenging puzzles like Sudoko, Jigsaws, Cryptograms and Crosswords give the brain a healthy workout, but not everyone finds word, math and logic quizzes fun and energizing. I personally find those games somewhat enervating and prefer computer games that stimulate a different kind of creativity; something that doesn’t require teeth gritting, knuckle tensing, adrenaline rushing mental activity. Creative mental activities associated with writing, painting, cooking and other more artistic endeavors can be equally as energizing and mentally beneficial as those brain-bashing exercises I first mentioned. I’ve discovered a relatively new computer game series that does just that, in fact it just may leave you thinking clearer, concentrating deeper and remembering things longer.

A Different Kind of Computer Game

Wild Divine makes a series of games that help you think clearer, remember things longer and concentrate better. The manufacturer even claims that students with ADHD can benefit from the games.

This innovative interactive gaming series consists of CD’s, instruction manuals and an easy to use bio-feedback mechanism called an “IOM Sensor” that attaches to your fingers and sends electrode-type signals (detecting your heart rate and skin conductivity levels) to the game.  Unlike other computer games where speed and dexterity skills determine your “win”, with these games, your thoughts and emotions take you to the next level of accomplishment.

TheWild Divine's iom sensor IOM Sensor is crucial to the game and it is an investment at $279.95, but once you own it, all you need are the CD game levels, which are reasonably priced. Bundle prices are even more economical. With the holidays always around the corner, or somebody’s special birthday close at hand, the Wild Divine game are a great gift.

Hook up and Get Hooked

The first CD game in the “The Journey to Wild Divine” Adventure Gaming Series is called “The Passage”. It has the honor of being inducted into the MacWorld Hall of Fame, but is also available for the PC.  You complete a series of “quests” that teach you breathing and meditation techniques.  If you’re surprised at this, don’t be. It seems, your brain has an amazing ability to reorganize its network of neurons. This phenomenon is called “neuroplasticity” which enables the brain to act in creative and intuitive ways we once thought impossible. During meditation, the brain seems to capitalize on this skill, thereby enhancing brain development. “The Passage” and all the subsequent levels of the game help you to develop those skills.

Scientists from major American Universities including Harvard, Princeton, the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the University of California at Berkeley as well as research centers in Zurich, Switzerland have been conducting studies that prove meditation really does improve brain function.  It not only helps us to relax and lower stress levels, it helps us to deal with difficult decisions and emotional challenges…and the results are lasting.

Time and Effort Not Required!

Taking the time and effort to meditate makes a lot of people uncomfor

Ultimate Super Bundle Pack Special

table. That’s why I like the Wild Divine computer games, which get you familiar with the technique effortlessly. Relaxing and focusing is the basis for successful meditation, so completion of  “The Passage” is essential before you can advance to the next level of games, but the benefits can be felt almost immediately.

The Game Itself

Like many computer games, “The Passage” has 3-D graphics that are pretty cool although they are not quite as sophisticated as other animated computer game challenges.  They do include lush mountainous landscapes, majestic palaces, beautiful temples, enchanting pools and of course there’s soothing music.

There’s also an abundance of enlightened gurus who guide you through the Quest and help you to achieve the objective, which in this case is restoring peace in the Sun Realm.

Once you make it through the Quest you’re ready for the more advanced CD’s, which can be purchased separately without the IOM Sensor. The second and third in the Wild Divine Trilogy are even more beautiful and effective than the first and each level brings you closer to a solid, more relaxed state of mind where you can think more clearly, concentrate better and make better decisions.

The Wild Divine Journey bio-feedback system is a investment similar to purchasing XBox or Playstation hardware. The DVD games; however, are all priced similar to other popular DVD games.

So get yourself an IOM and a copy of Passages and give your brain the workout it’s missing. You’ll be more relaxed, less stressed, and you’ll become more open to possibilities you never realized.

Click this link to purchase Wild Divine’s “The Passages”. If you do try it out, please come back and leave a comment.   I welcome your legitimate comments below and am happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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  1. It is good to know that there are games out there teaches people meditative techniques. Are there other games that teaches the same but are less expensive?

    1. Sorry for the very late response blissful. I’m not aware of any games on the level of the Wild Divine Series. The major expense is of course, the bio-feedback equipment….kind of like buying an Xbox or Playstation. The actual DVD games are comparable to other games. I enjoy mind enhancing games over traditional competitive games any day! Thanks for the visit.

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