Contest News – Cloud Nine’s Vaper Girl Announces the Next Big Giveaway

Last updated on February 23rd, 2018

Here’s an upfront and personal interview with Cloud Nine’s ever savvy, often elusive contest mistress.


Vaper Girl © Cloud Nine/Hillary Miles Productions, inc.

Meet Cloud Nine's Vaper Girl

Cloud Nine’s rookie reporter, Dan S. cornered the elusive Vaper Girl for some inside information into the  big giveaway which will start ended November 2014.


Dan: Hey Vaper Girl! I never did officially welcome you to Cloud Nine. It’s nice to see another pretty face on the team. 

VG: You flatter me Dan. Of course, before I looked this lovely, I looked like this….

…..It took a lot of work, but I’m worth it.


Dan: So how will you be contributing to the site?

VG: I'm excited to have been awarded the title of Cloud Nine’s official, copyrighted trademark, spokesperson and contest mistress. You might say, when it comes to giveaways, I’m in charge of the whole Cloud Nine yards. (sorry).


Dan: You handled the Green Smoke and V2 Cigs giveaways beautifully. What’s your secret?

VG: I exercise, practice yoga, eat right, party hard, work hard, vape hard, and love to give stuff away.


Dan:  Ah, my kind of girl…and as my Aunt Sadie used to say, you’ve got moxie. I have to ask….have you ever vaped on an airplane?

VG: I have indeed, but I admit to blowing my vapor into a cocktail napkin.


Dan: What’s your pet peeve?

VG: I hate when people spell my name wrong. I’m Vaper Girl, not Vapor Girl. I may be elusive, but I’m here to stay and won’t dissipate after a few seconds.


Dan: Speaking of all things Vapor…it looks like you’re going to be the star of Cloud Nine’s next big Vapor Couture Giveaway. What’s it about?

VG: It’s all about me! Well, mostly. It’s about me giving away Four fabulous 5-packs of the new Vapor Couture disposable e-cigarettes each week for a month, PLUS Two Vapor Couture Deluxe e-cigarette Kits (one every two weeks) during the course of the Giveaway.  

Dan: 6 prizes in one month? Awesome! What do I have to do to win? Christmas is coming and my girlfriends are all high maintenance.

VG: Sorry, you don’t qualify Dan, but all visitors have to do is to Find Vaper Girl. Starting October 7th, I’ll be hiding on one of Cloud Nine’s most popular website pages. They'll be listed under the Categories/Popular Articles link in Cloud Nine's sidebar or the Jump to Category link on your mobile phone. When readers find me, they just click on my photo, fill out the entry form, and I'll send them a great Vapor Couture e-cig prize when they win. 

Dan: I’m just guessing here, but I suspect more than one person will find you.

VG: Clever lad. But I’ll be giving away so many prizes, the chances of winning are better than ever. 

Dan: Sounds like a fun contest! 

VG: Most fun Giveaway yet. You don’t even have to share on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or or promise me your first born male child, although the first two are options if you want to get more entry points. Frankly, I just want people to find me and leave me a nice comment. 

Dan. Will they get extra entries for comments?

VG: Absolutely, and I’ll comment back.

Dan: Thanks Vaper Girl. Wait. Will there an official contest page?

VG: Of course! Check it out now.  Permit me to put in a plug for Cloud Nine’s NewsVaper where you can get firsthand information about all upcoming contests, and other cool stuff. The editor is kinda lazy so you won’t be bombarded with email every week. 

Fans can sign up for the NewsVaper here:

You can also follow me on Google+

Dan: Thanks again VG! See you soon, if I can find you! 🙂

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