Where to Buy Chocolate, Vanilla and Fruit Flavored E-Cigarettes

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Last updated on January 19th, 2020


Diacetyl Free E-Liquids Bursting with Fruit and Dessert Flavors 

Many people who have made the switch to vaping, or those who just want to cut back on their “traditional” cigarettes, now enjoy vaping e-liquids bursting with chocolate, vanilla or fruit flavors. 

Although there's a wide variety from which to choose, not everyone finds tobacco flavor e-cigs particularly satisfying. The fact is, many smokers feel that the experience of vaping a uniquely flavored ecig makes the transition to vaping easier. It removes you even further from the traditional smoking experience. 

There are many reputable vaping companies and those that specialize in safety tested, flavored e-cigarette filters and eliquids. All those mentioned in this review are formaldehyde, diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl free!

Kind Juice Organic E-Liquids



Best known for their award-winning all-natural, organic e-liquids, I think Kind Juice is also the best tasting organic e-juice. 

Everything (even their nicotine) is harvested from organic farms. What's more if you have allergies and need to know every ingredient in your e-liquid, it's good to know that this company makes a point of listing them directly next to each flavor.

Of course they are free from dangerous chemicals. Their website tells it all, and it is easy to navigate. It contains detailed information about their uber pure manufacturing methods as well as their flavors.

What I’ve discovered, is that while all of their eliquids are pre-steeped, they get even better as they age in the tank. I recommend Once in a Blue Moon (a terrific “true” blueberry flavor) and Little Mean Vanilla Bean which is my smooth, all day vape. 

Vaporfi Let's You Mix Your Own Flavors

The great thing about best-selling Vaporfi is not only are they free of nasty chemicals, you can customize your own flavor. Vaporfi will mix it for you! Plus, you'll have over 30,000 combinations from which to choose…and they have sooo many fruit and dessert flavors available.

Use my banner above and get 1 free when you buy 3. There's also free shipping!

South Beach Smoke

south beach smoke iconSouth Beach Smoke offers several fruit and dessert flavored cartridges if you like the cigalike style ecig. Try Watermelon, Double Apple, and Orange/Mint. They even offer several different Samplers. The company now has an extensive line of vaporizers as well as fruit, dessert and other flavored e-liquids – all top of the line.

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