VaporFi Cuts Prices on All Vapor Products

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Last updated on January 19th, 2020

Best Time to Try Vaping – Top Ecig Company VaporFi is Now a Discount Vape Site with Free Shipping!

Vaporfi slashes prices on vaporizers

If you’ve been holding off buying an ecig vaporizer because of the high costs, there’s no good reason to wait any longer. Top selling ecig company, Vaporfi has slashed their prices to new lows. They can now be considered a discount ecig site. It certainly surprised me.

I don’t know if it’s because the industry is becoming more competitive or because Vaporfi is hoping to sell more products, but one thing is certain; Vaporfi is seriously banking on your business.

If you’re unfamiliar with VaporFi, the company sells a wide range of high quality ecigs, vaporizers and accessories geared for both beginner and advanced vapers.

Boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Vaporfi has been remarkably successful, as all their products are quality assured, above industry standards, and tested for safety. That means diacetyl free e-liquids and built-in vaporizer safety features.

Vaporfi’s website is easy to navigate. It gets you where you need to go faster. Whether you’re shopping for e-liquids, a beginner ecig or an advanced mod, you’ll find it quickly. Also, if you’ve recently viewed items, they will show up as “recently viewed” which can really save you time. Even searches seem to be more intuitive. Overall the site has a very modern, clean interface. I also thought checkout was clearer than it was on the old site.

The Place to Buy Cheap E-cigarettes

Perusing the Starter Kits I have to point out what I thought to be the best deals.

  • The popular Rocket 3 (great for beginners and intermediate vapers) is now only $74.99 (down from $123.99).
  •  The VAIO MINI MOD Starter Kit (popular with beginners) is now $19.99.

This is just a sampling of the price reductions as Vaporfi now has scores of hardware products, including vaporizers from eLeaf, Smok, Joyetech and more. I'm also amazed that the company has some kind of sale just about every week…and now they have Free Shipping with no minimum purchase.

What About E-liquid Prices?

VaporFi is perhaps best known for it’s humongous selection of US-made e-liquids (30,000 combinations). The prices are very competitive, plus the company does have several e-liquid sales throughout the year which we post on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Don’t want to wait for an e-liquid sale? Just buy more than 1 bottle at a time and you'll get a nice discount.

All in all, Vaporfi's pricing is highly competitive with other brands. I love the fact that they have Free Shipping with no minimum purchase, and their auto-ship discount program is an even better way to save on your atomizers and e-liquids.

Thanks for visiting CloudNineEcigReviews and Happy Vaping!

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