V2Cigs Universal Adapters Let You Use V2 Cartridges with Other Brands of E-Cigarettes

Last updated on November 3rd, 2018

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Get V2Cigs Universal Adapters

There are so many reasons V2Cigs were the #1 best selling e-cigarettes. Not only did they make a great e-cig that goes through strict safety and quality testing; not only did they have the best tasting cartridge flavors on the ecig market, they had 2 styles of Universal Adapters that let you use V2’sflavor cartridges with other e-cigarette batteries.

Are you tired of Green Smoke’s limited (and not always great tasting) Cartomizers? Don’t want to pay for a new V2Cig’s kit?… For only $2.95, the V2Cigs Type 1 Adapter lets you pair a V2Cigs cart with your Green Smoke battery.

The Type I Adapter works with all these battery brands:

  • Red Dragon
  • Bloog
  • Vapures
  • Smoke 51 DUO
  • Esmoke Sensation
  • South Beach Smoke
  • Other E-9 threaded e-cigarette batteries.


The Type II Adapter also works with all these battery brands:

  • Njoy Npro
  • Liberation Jr.
  • Cloud 9
  • Smoke Stik
  • The SafeCig™ MICRO
  • Other DSE103/510 threaded e-cigarette batteries.

In case you didn’t know, the V2Cig battery threading is the KR808D-1 style. Several brands of e-cigarette batteries already use this threading so you can use V2Cigs Cartridges without having to buy any adapter. Here’s the list:

  • LeCig™ D1
  • SmokeTip
  • Vapor4life
  • EonSmoke


The Nuts and Volts

One thing worth noting is that different brands of electronic cigarettes have different voltage and electrical specifications. Since they're not really designed for use with the V2 Flavor Cartridge, don’t expect optimum vapor performance using the Universal Adapter. If you’re looking for optimal V2 vapor, you can be guaranteed of such only by using a V2Cigs Flavor Cartridge with a V2 battery.

V2Cigs does make a few disclaimers about their adapters that are worth noting here:

“The adapter compatibilities listed above were accurate at the time we tested these company's products, but we cannot guarantee that these specifications have not changed. Competing eCigarette companies do change their specifications, and they do not inform V2 (if you learn of a change, please let us know).”

V2 Customer Service

V2 believes in the promotion of all e-cigarettes and they think vapers should be allowed to test other cartridges using their own batteries. You certainly shouldn't be penalized for making the mistake of NOT buying a V2Cig in the first place :).

That said, I'm sure V2 also suspects you’ll like their carts, so there's a good chance you’ll try some of their other products…like those new EX Batteries or EX Blank cartridges. 

In any case, these adapters provide a substantial cost savings to vapers who are still searching for an e-cigarette that best meets their personal tastes and preferences. I hope you find yours.

Happy Vaping!

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