Time-Tested Secrets of Mixing Your Own E-Liquid

Last updated on March 19th, 2018

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Secrets of Mixing Your Own E-Liquids

We Will Give You the Power to Get the Exact Flavor You Want!

My question to you… When buying your e-juice, are you just settling for what you find or maybe whatever is the cheapest juice? Is it really what you want? Maybe you just got a flavor recommendation from someone else.

When it comes to vaping, many people take for granted how easy and convenient it is to get your e-juices. There are many options to pick and choose – like whether you determine your juice for the taste, or for the huge clouds it produces.

All you need to do is a quick order online or short drive to your local vape shop. Right? Well…you might be sabotaging your enjoyment by not getting exactly what you want!

Don’t worry, we have your back on this one.

We are going to show you 5 simple steps to make your own flavored e-juice. We will give you the power to get the exact flavor you want or determine how big of a cloud you would like.

Be assured, you don’t have to be a chemist, rocket scientist or even possess a High School Diploma. Although we do strongly recommend you are over the age of 18.


Let’s Start With the Mixing Supplies You Will Need


  1. Empty Plastic Bottles with Childproof Cap

No need to buy expensive bottles especially for your first time mixing. You don’t want to use huge containers either, since in the beginning you will do some trial and error to find your favorite flavor.

2. Syringes

Since you will be working with containers with small holes and using small quantities, make sure not to mix ingredients. Use one syringe per ingredient.

3. Paper Towels and Napkins

These will come in handy for wiping and cleaning any spills. Have enough, since it is always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Rubber Gloves

Since you might be dealing with nicotine juice, if it comes in contact with your skin, nicotine can be absorbed by your body and can cause skin rash.

5. Goggles

If you plan on making e-juice consistently, we suggest a face shield or goggles. Just as nicotine can be hazardous to your skin, it could be dangerous to your eyes as well.


Ingredients You Will Need For Mixing E-Liquids


  1. Propylene Glycol

PG is probably the most used base liquid for most juice makers. It is federally approved for consumption. It is a colorless, odorless chemical compound used in a variety of products. Be aware some people can be allergic to PG.

2. Vegetable Glycerol (VG) (also known as Vegetable Glycerin)

VG is similar to Propylene Glycol but is a natural extract derived from vegetables. VG is thicker and used for its ability to produce bigger clouds. VG is also a federally approved product used in food and also cosmetics.

3. Distilled Water or Vodka

This is not a huge part of the mix, but this is used to thin out the VG that you put in your mix. Vodka doesn’t necessarily have to be used, but if you wish not to use nicotine then Vodka can be used as a great replacement for the throat hit. If you choose not to use Vodka you can use distilled water.

4. Concentrated Flavoring

When choosing your flavoring it is best to choose flavoring that is made to inhale. Make sure you read your labels to determine the percentage of concentration of your flavoring. You can get creative and mix and match in the future but just keep it in the back of your mind for now.

5. Diluted Nicotine

You will need nicotine that is diluted. Nicotine can have a PG or VG base. For those that are just starting out it is best to get between 8 to 24 mg and experiment to find your favorite. You can use this chart if needed.

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5 Simple Steps to Mixing Your E-Juice

1. Prepare Nicotine

Basic math will be required and/or your favorite e-juice calculator to figure out the volume of nicotine you would like to have. Since your nicotine is diluted, use the strength in milligrams and volume of the e-juice to calculate the required amount of nicotine.

If you add too much nicotine you run the risk of messing up your entire mix, so add a little less than the amount that is recommended by your e-juice calculator or e-juice recipe. If you want a stronger throat hit you can add a few drops of vodka. About 5% of vodka will be good enough.

2. Flavors

This step requires your full attention since this is going to be your personal e-juice of choice. You can use one flavor or mix a few. I would suggest you mix one or two flavors. Add a little less than what is suggested by your calculator or recipe recommends. It is just a good idea to use less flavor than ruining an entire batch of e-juice. Never add more than 10% of the total volume of your mix.

3. Starting The Base

You can choose VG/PG blend depending on your recipe. This blend should be between 50/50 or 80/20.  Keep in mind that your diluted nicotine does carry some levels of PG or VG. Make sure you take that into consideration. Remember the more VG the thicker the mix therefore the bigger the clouds.

4. Blending

Once everything is complete, mix everything in a bottle. Make sure you mix everything really well. Remember VG is really thick so you need a thorough shake to get a good mix with the ingredients.

5. Steep

My first time making my e-juice I was too anxious. I was eager to taste my mix so I only steeped my juice for a couple hours. It was okay, but I really got what I was looking for when I took the time to steep.

Steeping is the process of the oxidation of your components. Kind of like aging your wine or fermenting your whiskey.

It is best to steep your mix in a dark cool place. Leave the cap off and let the oxygen do its magic. Some people put their bottle in warm water which happens to speed up the process.

There is no predefined amount of time some steep for day, some for weeks and some for months.

Expect not only a change in flavor but a change in color as well. When you see that the color has changed to a light brown or it gets yellowish, then you know you’ve properly steeped your e-juice. Be patient in this process and you will reap the rewards of true vaping enjoyment.


I Found 2 Recipes That Will Help You Get Started

Milk Chocolate E-Juice Recipe

•70/20 VG/PG blend (approximately 16 ml and 5 ml)

•Diluted nicotine (according to the strength, as desired)

•5 ml Coconut Milk flavoring

•5 ml Chocolate Roll flavoring

•3 ml vodka or distilled water

Yields 30 ml of intensely flavored e-juice, and tastes best after at least 4 weeks of steeping.

Minty E-Juice Recipe

•50/50 VG PG blend (12 ml each)

•Diluted nicotine (according to the strength, as desired)

•3 ml Peppermint flavoring

•1 ml Menthol flavoring

•5 ml Honey Dew flavoring

Yields 30 ml of soft, cool flavor. Longer steeping results in a milder flavor, but if you like intensely rich flavor, just steep for a few days or skip it altogether.

I hope this guide to Mixing Your Own E-Liquid has been helpful. Happy Vaping!

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