Green Smoke Designer E-Cigarette Batteries With A Low Price

Last updated on November 4th, 2018

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Green Smoke Designer Collection of E-cigarettes Green Smoke sells their Designer Batteries at $15.71 for either the long or the short battery. That's economical as ecig batteries go…but Green Smoke has limitations.

While Green Smoke’s batteries have always been reliable, they have never been powerful, at least when compared to other cigalike models such as Vaporfi's Express which lasts far longer.

The puff count on a Green Smoke battery (designer style or standard style) is about 300 puffs; again…nowhere near the puff count on better quality comparatively sized batteries. 

Theres a wide variety of styles, although the colors are conservative leaning toward tobacco and menthol flavors. Green Smoke does not sell any fruit or “sweet” flavors.

The tip still lights up when you take a puff, but don't expect any other designer features like LED lights that show how much power remains before your battery needs to be recharged.

Green Smoke's yellow Cooperstown battery matches the Absolute Tobacco cartridge.

El Paso is paisley and matches the Red Label cartridge.

The New Orleans aqua animal skin style goes with the menthol filter.

Chicago is subtle and pairs with the Tobacco Gold filter. 

The Seattle style is my least favorite. Somehow I don't see how the color or design fits the city. 

Smooth Cream is Green Smokes pseudo vanilla flavor. The respective filter matches the Charleston designer battery.

Green Smoke originally paired it’s best flavored filter, Smooth Chocolate with the Manhattan style battery. Sadly, this flavor has been discontinued for strange political reasons, but GS is also now owned by big tobacco giant Altria. 

The Springfield battery is signature Green Smoke. Not the most attractive, it does exemplify the spirit of the new, green age of vaping.  

Are Green Smoke's Designer Batteries Worth the Price?

If you're a true GS fan and don't mind the company's limits on flavor selections and innovative improvements, the $15.71 designer battery price is quite decent. 


Disclaimer:  Electronic cigarettes are for adults over 18 looking for a cleaner, safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Pregnant women and people suffering from serious heart conditions and other diseases should consulting their physicians prior to using e-cigs. Nicotine is an addictive drug and may be harmful. E-cigarettes do not guarantee that you will quit smoking. We may receive compensation for purchases made through recommendations or advertisements on this website.

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    • Cynthia Tsikeddanos on March 13, 2017 at 10:45 PM
    • Reply

    Is there any retailer who might have the designer batteries left in Stock!

    Found out Bout Green smoke tooate. Help!
    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      GreenSmoke no longer carries designer batteries, or any colored batteries since it was taken over by big tobacco.

  1. Thanks for your positive comments Alex. I agree, Green Smoke is one of the best companies for e-cigs. They’re having a great Blowout sale right now too if you want to stock up! It’s only available by clicking on the Green Smoke animated banner on this page.
    Cheers, Hillary 

    • ALEX ECIGS REVIEWS on June 21, 2012 at 8:48 AM
    • Reply

    I haven’t smoked a regular cigarette in a year now!!! And I am SOOO happy I found Green Smoke after trying numerous other ecigs out their. The vapor and flavor are superb! The past ecigs I’ve tried started to taste like burnt foam halfway through their filters/cartomizers. This doesn’t do that! Strong flavor all the way to the end. And it is clear to see when the cartomizer is out. Plus best of all, the flavors taste l the way they are suppose to taste. Chocolate, my fave tastes just like chocolate, Mocha like coffee, Red Label Tobacco taste so close to a real Marlbaro Red. None of the other ecigs out there have come close to this flavor or vapor production. Vapor is so realistic that it even lingers in the air a little. But not enough to bother anyone.
    Cheers, @Kethe:) 

    1.  @ALEX ECIGS REVIEWS  Thanks for your positive comments Alex.Cheers. 

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