E-Cigarette Companies with Excellent Rewards Programs

Last updated on April 30th, 2018

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Best ecigarette rewards program


Easy Ways to Get Big Discounts and Save Money on E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

Electronic cigarette companies are becoming more competitive—one reason why many are now offering Discount Programs where you can save money on your current and future purchases. I’ve tried out a few and have to say, some e-cig rewards programs can be less than rewarding. Either the savings aren’t worth the effort, or you’re restricted to buying only certain products.

First off, if a company wants my loyalty, they have to make a product I truly enjoy. They also have to maintain a consistent level of quality if I’m going to continue to make purchases.  I should also be able to use my well earned points to purchase any product I choose from that company.

So Which Loyalty Rewards Programs Are Worthwhile?

Here’s a line up of some of the most popular E-Cigarette company rewards programs along with their best and worst features.

1- V2’s Vape4 Free Program – Free to Join – Savings Start Immediately

V2 is one of the most popular and most innovative electronic cigarette companies in the world. They offer a wide variety of ecigs and vaporizers ranging from their slim-styled XSeries, to their Standard ELiquid Series, all the way to their Series7 Advanced Vaporizers.. and they have an attractive Rewards Program.

V2’s Vape4Free Program is offered to US customers. You earn V2 Points on all V2 or V2 Pro products and you earn 1 point for every $2 spent. Points can be redeemed after you spend a minimum of $50 on V2 or V2Pro products.

Other Perks From V2

  • Once you achieve a minimum of 500 points, you begin to earn additional rewards – up to 10% on products and $5 Flat Rate 3-Day shipping.
  • If you refer a new customer and the referred customer purchases a starter kit worth $50 or more, you get 500 points. Not too shabby.

  • If you submit a product review you get 10 points. Of course your review has to be approved and you are limited to 10 reviews per year.

  • Hate doing the math? No problem. Every item on the V2 and V2Pro websites show you the price in dollars as well as points.

Here are V2's only Restrictions: 

  • You have to use your points within 12 months or you lose them.

  • Points may not be used toward a purchase made during a sale or when applying store credit.

  • The Vape4Free program is currently only available for U.S. customers

V2 V2Free Rewards Program

‘ V2's Vape4 FREE Program

2- Halo Cigs

I was pleased to learn that one of my absolute favorite ecig companies, Halo Cigs also has a rewards program, although it’s not quite as generous as those from V2 or Green Smoke. Still if you’re a fan of Halo e-liquids, it’s certainly worth joining the program as it is completely free.

Earning Halo Points

The amount of points you receive depends upon what you purchase or how you share information on the Halo website.

  • You earn 100 Halo points for every $20 you spend at Halo.
  • You earn 100 Halo Points for every $20 spent on E-liquid.
  • You earn 75 Halo Points for every $20 spent on G6 or Triton Hardware.
  • If you share a page on Halo’s website via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest using the social media buttons you earn 15 Halo Points per share on each network per day.
  • Refer a Friend by clicking on the “Refer a Friend” Link and you’ll earn 250 Halo Points when your friend places an order of any size. Your friend must have a different billing, mailing address and IP address, so don’t try to refer your sister.

Redeeming Halo Points:

You order your free products from Halo’s Rewards Catalog found on their website. The Catalog features only one category of vaping product –  Halo’s fabulous e-liquid flavors. Yes, it’s a bit of a bummer that you can’t get any free hardware. If you agree, leave a comment below!

Other Perks From the Halo Points Program

You can use Halo discount codes and still get points; it’s just calculated on the final price. (our code is CNHLOECG for 5% off a single purchase)

You’ll see the number of points you can earn at the top of the product information page.

Restrictions: The downside here is that Halo can’t award partial points. That means your purchase must meet the $20 dollar threshold.

For example, if $30 is spent on hardware you will receive 75 Halo Points. You would have to reach the $40 mark to earn the full 150 Halo Points.

Good news though, Halo sets the threshold at $19.99 for 30ml bottles of e-liquid. That means you’ll still get your 100 Halo Points.

Here’s a direct link to Halo’s Reward Program. Halo Cigs logo

Know of other good E-Cigarette company Rewards Programs? Please feel free to share them with our readers by leaving a comment.

Happy Vaping!


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