Disposable Electronic Cigarette Review and Comparison Chart

Last updated on April 30th, 2018

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V2 Ecigarettes redesigned disposableAre you thinking about trying out Electronic Cigarettes – the safer, cleaner, smoking alternative, but you don’t want to spend the money on a starter kit? Why not try out a few of the best selling disposable electronic cigarettes first? You can do it for a great low price, and this unbiased review of the most popular Disposable Electronic Cigarettes will help.

What Is A Disposable Electronic Cigarette

A Disposable Electronic Cigarette is an e-cigarette that has all the advantages of a regular electronic cigarette -(such as no flame, no ash, no smell or tobacco smoke), but you can’t re-charge it.  You throw it away once the filter loses its vapor. 

Although rechargable e-cigarettes have fuller vapor and may have more flavor, the main advantage of a disposable e-cigarette is that there's a big cost savings over the e cig starter kits. Single packs can run as little as $5.95.

Cloud Nine is one of the highest ranking websites for E-cigarette Reviews. Our Disposable Electronic Cigarette Comparison Chart reviews 2 of the best selling Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – Apollo & V2 Cigs.

You can click on the Disposable E-Cigarette Image to Order From the Company’s Official Website.

V2 E-Cigarettes
PackageApolloV2 Disposable E-Cigarettes
# Of Cigs
in Pack
Packs of Two,
Packs of Three, Five or Ten
Price$9.99 each

& $74.95
FlavorsClassic Tobacco

Tobacco or Menthol
Your Choice
18mg. (reg.)
or 6mg. (light)
Puffs500 puffs
or about
approx.2 packs
of cigarettes
350-450 puffs
in each cig
equal to about
a pack
of cigarettes
ColorsBlack with
Red Filter
White for Tobacco;
Black for Menthol
Easy draw &
Great Vapor
Highly Rated
Offers 2
ConsNo Multi-PacksOnly tobacco
or menthol.
No Free


All of the above Disposable E-Cigarette brands are best sellers, with different features and prices. 

They all have the advantage of being a great option for those looking to sample the electronic cigarette experience without spending a lot of money on a starter kit. It’s also a good way to test out e-cigarette brands, although the RECHARGEABLE E-CIGARETTES YOU GET IN A KIT will invariably outperform the disposable either in taste, vapor or battery charge.  

You can compare rechargeable e-cigarettes in detail on our Best Selling Electronic Cigarette Comparison Chart. Or, for a quick comparison, check out Cloud Nine's Vapor Store. 

With all E-Cigarettes, you get a healthier alternative to real cigarettes and there's no second hand smoke, ash, or bad smell…plus ALL e-cigarettes are cheaper in the long run than tobacco cigarettes. 

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