Vaporfi’s GRND RSRV 60ML E-liquid Review and Coupon

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Last updated on January 19th, 2020

Review of Vaporfi GRND RSRV E-Juices 

Vaporfi GRND RSRV Eliquids

Vaporfi, famous for their ultra pure mix and match e-liquid flavors, has a tasty line of High VG, diacetyl-free juice blends called the GRND RSRV Collection. I was sent some samples to review and I received a discount coupon to pass along to anyone who also wanted to test the flavor line. (Find it at the end of this post).

If the GRND RSRV name sounds weird, I agree. If it sounds familiar to you, you're not alone. Vaporfi’s old “Grand Reserve” line of e-juices has been re-vamped, re-packaged and re-constructed. The good part is that, the original flavor recipes have been much improved. Since they are mostly tropical, the sweetness has been toned way down.

High VG Blends? – You Got It!

Many savvy vapers are seeking out max Vegetable Glycerin (VG) e-liquids, known to produce greater vapor clouds.

If you want clouds, you’ll get them with the GRDN RSRV’s PG/VG ratio. All PG blends (except for Havana Beach) are 30% PG / 70% VG. Havana Beach is a 20% PG /80% VG blend.

I think Vaporfi did an outstanding job of creating intense flavor without much PG, the ingredient known for delivering stronger e-juice flavors.

I was eager to conduct this test, as I’m sensitive to PG. Any new high volume VG e-juice brand is appealing, but they have to taste great too.

The GRND RSRV line has 29 flavors in all, but I tested the Collector’s Edition which comes in BIG 60ML bottles and has eight distinctive flavors.

Learn How PG and VG Affects Your Vape

What’s in a Name?

While e-liquid flavors are a personal preference, I believe the name of the flavor should be true to the flavorings. It's a lot easier to remember that an e-juice tastes like a tangy lemon meringue pie if it's called Meringue O Tang rather than Lulu's Delight.

Even better, Vaporfi, breaks it all down so you know exactly what flavors are being combined to create the blend.

Vaporfi GRND RSRV Catcha Latte eliquid

For example, Catch Ya Latte is a combination of

•Fresh Brewed Espresso

•Crushed Hazelnuts

•Caramel Swirl

•Syrup Drizzle

Knowing all the blended ingredients up front tells you Catch Ya Latte more than just a rich coffee latte. The expresso is prominent, but there’s also creamy taste which I suspect comes from the caramel. If you like a flavored Latte, you’ll really like this one – a lovely morning vape.

Vaporfi GRND RSRV Cloud Candy eliquid

Cloud Candy – Since this is blend of mostly candy and fruit flavors expect a pretty sweet vape. That said, Vaporfi’s addition of pomegranate, lemon and lime adds tartness to the mix which I found refreshing.

Vaporfi GRND RSRV Pineapple Pow eliquid

Pineapple Pow – Watermelon and Sweet Hibiscus round out the flavors in this Pineapple vape. I found the other flavors take a back seat to this tropical combo, but they do keep it from being overly POW. Still it’s one of the most true to taste pineapple flavors I’ve tried.

Vaporfi GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard eliquid

Rainbow Custard – The emphasis is more on the rainbow than the custard in this fruity blend of strawberries, tangerines + crème anglaise, but the cream really does comes through. Rare in a diacetyl-free e-juice. It’s kinda like a tart creamsicle.

Vaporfi GRND RSRV Island frost eliquid

Island Frost– This is quite complex as it combines five tropical island flavors -pineapple, coconut, blueberries, mint and lime. Definitely a fruity vape but very complex and enjoyable. The mix is so well balanced one flavor doesn’t wipe out the others. I could actually taste them all.

Havana Beach eliquid

Havana Beach – Tobacco flavor lovers will appreciate this creamy blend that has a hint of sweet caramel and coconut. All the flavors are distinctive in a clean dessert vape.

Vaporfi Maui Menthol eliquid

Maui Menthol – Menthol lovers will really enjoy this bled of icy menthol and the fruit blend of papaya, guava, jackfruit and honeydew. I love honeydew and yes, I could really taste it within this complex combination.

Meringue O Tang eliquid

Meringue O Tang – My personal fave of the lot is a combo of glazed doughnut and lemon zest custard. It’s really like a lemon doughnut with a bit of tang to cut the sweetness.

Best Features of the GRMD RSRV Collection

  • All Favors are true to the named flavor ingredients.
  • There’s no mysterious fragrance or strange aftertaste.
  • No need to pre-steep.
  • Vaporfi always uses the highest quality ingredients and they are free of diacetyl and acetyl propionate.
  • All Flavors are Produced in the US in Vaporfi’s FDA registered labs. You can even view a detailed lab report to check the ingredients.
  • 60mg is a big bottle! If you like a flavor, you’ll also like the savings that come with getting the larger size bottle offered in this e-liquid line.

Have you tried this collection? What's your favorite and least favorite flavor? Please reply in the comments below.

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