Firebrand Sub-OHM and Liquitine Taste Tests

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Last updated on December 9th, 2019

Cloud Nine's Review of FireBrand Diacetyl-Free Sub-OHM and Liquitine E-Liquids – Quality, Purity, Made in the USA

FireBrandAmerica Liquitine Eliquid

I was recently introduced to FireBrand pre-steeped e-liquids and they are truly excellent as well as being Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl Free. 

FireBrand is probably best known for their award-winning Liquitine and Sub-oHm (80% VG) line of e-liquids, but few people know that Vapor Digest Magazine awarded Firebrand the Top 5 Shining Stars of U.S. E-Liquid Manufacturing.

As for quality and purity, all FireBrand makes their eliquid on site, in an ultra-sterile lab using state of the art Magnetic Vortex Technology. Their website is easy to navigate and contains detailed information about their uber pure manufacturing methods. Third party tested, Firebrand e-liquids are free of any chemicals that may be dangerous.

I tend to vape several flavors at a time, so to keep things clean, I ordered a few of their economical tanks along with several e-liquid flavors. What I discovered, is that while all of their eliquids are pre-steeped, they get even better as they age in the tank.

Here Are a Few of the Best Tasting E-Liquids from FireBrand

FireBrand apple pie e-liquid review

Apple Pie – Surprisingly accurate, this flavor really does taste like apple pie. You can distinguish every ingredient including the apples, the cinnamon and even the toasty, buttery crust.

FireBranda Crixus e-liquid review

Crixux – Named after Spartacus' right-hand general during the Third Servile War, this yummy tasting e-liquid is powerfully nutty. It’s a blend of roasted peanuts, hazel nuts and toasted almonds. Crixux also comes in FireBrand's Sub oHm line of e-liquids which is 80% VG for perfect clouds that won't clog up your coils.

FireBrand peppermint patty e-liquid review

Peppermint Patty – I thought nothing could surpass HaloCigs Shamrock e-liquid, but Firebrand’s Peppermint Patty is far better and the price is about the same. Think mint chocolate chip. It’s a great dessert vape.

FireBrand MRX e-liquid review

MRX -Mostly minty with a very subtle undertone of raspberries, not at all sweet..very pleasant, all day vape, no waxy or perfumy taste.

FireBrand whiplash e-liquid review

Whiplash – This fruity vape is starting to become my favorite all day vape. It’s is a watermelon/strawberry mix with a hint of mint lurking in the background. I used a 1.2% nicotine level which gave me a nice throat hit. Whiplash doesn’t taste sweet/sour to me as in description, but e-liquid taste is always subjective. This tasty vape is not overpowering and is even better on day 2 if you can keep from vaping an entire tank in one day.

FireBrand purple rain e-liquid review

Purple Rain –

I do enjoy fruit and sweet e-liquids (when their done right) but I’ve never been a big fan of grape flavored smokejuice. Not that I don’t enjoy grapes; I love them, it’s just that grape e-juice never satisfied; that is until I tried Firebrand’s Purple Rain. It’s has such a true-to-grape taste it’s almost addicting (even with zero nicotine). There’s no waxy aftertaste either.

FireBrand Tobacco Gold E-liquid review

Tobacco Gold – I had a hard time choosing my favorite tobacco flavor from Firebrand as they have several. Tobacco Gold is such a true tobacco taste it’s almost unheard of in e-liquid circles. Their Tobacco Royal is a close second if you like your tobacco mixed with undertones of maple.

Firebrand Liquitine e-liquids are $11.99 for a 15 ML all glass bottle. Some flavors are available in 20, 30 and 40ML glass bottles and there's always a price discount on the larger sizes. The Sub-Ohm line sells for $19.99 and only comes in the 30ML size.

Firebrand ships worldwide and has an easy Currency Converter on every e-juice page.

FireBrand e-liquid

One Note on Nicotine

If your going to purchase a Max VG e-liquid flavor, I highly recommended not to exceed 12mg nicotine for optimum flavor and intensity.  If you are looking for something higher than 12mg nicotine, go for a 50/50 blend.

Happy Vaping!

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