Best New E-Liquids from VaporFi – Pre-Steeped for Better Flavor

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Last updated on January 19th, 2020

VaporFi Introduces 60% VG Reserve Collection EJuice

Vaporfi Reserve Collection of max VG eliquids

VaporFi ecigarettes, famous for their mix and match vaporizer parts and e-liquid flavors, has come out with a new line  of pre-steeped, high VG ratio eliquids called the Reserve Collection.

Many savvy vapers are seeking out max Vegetable Glycerin eliquids, known to produce greater vapor clouds so I too was eager to try VaporFi's new offerings. I'm also sensitive to PG (the other e-liquid ingredient) so any new high volume VG e-juice brand is appealing. But would it meet my discriminating taste?

What's So Great About Pre-Steeped E-Juice?

Just about all e-liquids, especially custom flavors like those offered within VaporFi's extensive mix and match flavors need pre-steeping. That means you have to remove the lid of your e-liquid when you first buy it and let it settle in before vaping. Some fresh mixed juices can take a week to develop their true and best flavors. With pre-steeping, that's all done in the lab, so you can start vaping as soon as you get your order. 

Best New E-Liquids for Vaporizers

Best Features of the Reserve Collection

The new Artesian e-liquids are more sophisticated. The blends are richer and are more full-bodied. Although I have my flavor preferences, as we all do, there are a few that are sure to become my regular vapes.

VaporFi Platinum Pro cloudnineecigreviews.comMy taste test vaporizer was a standard 650 MAH battery – VaporFi's Pro Series, because it has a glass, rather than a plastic tank to ensure the purest taste.

Regarding Purity & Safety

The Reserve Collection is free of dangerous chemicals such as diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl.  VaporFi's website now makes it very clear that they use third party testing of their e-liquids. What's more, Vaporfi has a state of the art manufacturing facility. Their lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.

All e-liquids come in child resistant bottles. That's good, but I have to admit it takes a bit of muscle to press down and twist. Also don’t remove the plastic ring at the bottom of the cap if you want it to remain child resistant.

They are also certified Kosher and specifically made to be inhaled. These e-liquids are a step beyond “food grade.” They have also been GRAS approved.

Favorite Flavor

I tested only three out of VaporFi's six new flavors and I must say I was impressed. In all cases there's no unpleasant aftertaste that usually comes from e-liquids that too young or too newly mixed. The flavors, while not completely organic (you have to go to Kai's Virgin Vapor for that level), are quite pleasant and true to taste.

Vaporfi-Decadence-225x300I particularly enjoyed Decadence for it's chocolate hazelnut flavorings. The chocolate was not too overpowering as is the case with similar blends.

Northern Lights came second. It's another blend, but more refreshing. A nice fresh mostly melon vape with a hint of mint.

Then I tested Monkey Business. Banana is not usually my choice of vape as it can get old fast, but this flavor has a good deal of custard mixed in so it tames down the monkey. Great for banana lovers, but still not my all day vape. 

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