V2Cigs Unique Pro Series – Seamless Design, Drop in Cartridges, Magnetic Breakaway Charger

Last updated on January 6th, 2019

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V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7

I was one of the few reviewers who was selected to pre-test the V2 Pro Series3 and Series 7. Knowing that the electronic cigarette market is awash with second generation e-cigarettes and vaporizers that can take you to the next level of vaping, I was curious to see what ecig innovator V2 had to offer. I was not disappointed; in fact, I was elated. Two years later I still feel the same way.

V2's dynamic Pro Series offers features I’ve never seen before in a vapepen style e-cigarette. The Pro Series includes magnetic technology and easy, drop-in cartridge tanks that are not only for e-juice, but accommodate essential oils and any type of leaves as well.

Here Are the Details about V2's Pro Series Vape Pens

1- Magnets instead of threads – All Pro Vaporizers (Series 3 and Series 7) come with easy to use magnetic charging ports and tanks. That means you just plug the USB end of the charging cord into any USB outlet and touch the other end to the base of your battery. Snap, and it’s charging. I love this feature as I've experienced too many batteries that after only a few months, will loose a tight  connection with the usb resulting in a failed charge. No chance of that happening with these vape pens.

A cool LED light at the base of the battery that lets you know you’re fully charged. Your battery will stay charged for a long time too. I can vape the Series 7 for about a day and a half before I need to recharge – and that’s with heavy usage.

Another unique feature is the magnetic drop-in cartridge. You just push up on the metal ring below the mouthpiece and the tank releases from the battery. 

The mouthpiece unscrews enabling you to easily fill your tank with e-juice. 

I like top loading tanks, cartomizers and cartridges, because I never spill e-liquid by accidentally unscrewing an atomizer instead of an e-juice tank. When the cartridge is filled, (and it’s a good sized 1.6ml carto), you just replace the mouthpiece and drop it back into the battery. You don't change an atomizer with the Pro Series models, you just buy a new, super clean cartridge. 

The entire look of the Pro Series vaporizers is sleek, modern and seamless meaning that there’s no chance of leakage or breakage. If you like to adjust your voltage and temperature, the Series 7 does that too.

2- Fill your Tank with E-Juice OR Leaves!

The Pro Series 3 comes with your basic tank (cartridge) for e-liquids, but if you enjoy vaping loose leaves such as medicinal herbs, spices, dried flowers, tobacco and pipe tobacco you can do it with the Loose Leaf Cartridge that heats up leaves in 25-30 seconds; faster than any other vaporizer. Why fire up those leaves when you can have a smooth, easy on the throat vape? The Pro Series 7 includes the loose leaf cartridge. 

The unique heating element is designed to warm the leaves to the optimum temperature to release the flavor. You get clouds of vapor, not smoke!…as there is no flame or combustion.

3- Vaping Oils?  V2 Pro Series Essential Oil, Wax or Gel Cartridge.

V2 Series 3 vaporizer wax cartridgeNow you can vape your favorite oils, wax gels and similar concentrates with the Pro Series Wax Cartridge. The tank will adjust the heat of your wax or oil to create huge amounts of vapor. 

The wax cartridge is an add on for both the Series 3 and Series 7 and is a bit different from the e-liquid and loose leaf cartridge in that it doesn't have a wick. If you're filling the cartridge with wax or gel, you do have to use the pick tool (included) to poke a small hole in the wax/gel down to the bottom coil. Also, make sure you hold the ecig vertically to ensure that your wax or gel makes contact with the atomizer, but you'll get clouds of lovely vapor.

Here’s What’s in the Basic Pro3 Kit

  • Series 3 Vaporizer
  • 1.6 ml Liquid Cartridge. 
  • Magnetic USB Charger

Here's What's in the Pro Series7 Kit

  • Vaporizer
  • 2.5 Liquid Cartridge
  • Loose Leaf Cartridge
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • Pick & Brush

Here are the specifications:

V2 Pro Series spec chart

I tried both the e-liquid cartridge and the loose leaf cartridge. Vapor production was good with the Series 3, not as voluminous as the Series 7, but nice.. and filling the tank is easy. I do recommend wiping both the tank and battery chamber before and after filling. It's also good to let it settle for a few minutes before vaping.

The leaf cartridge was a bit tricky and takes some experimentation. You may have to chop up your leaves. I even had to add some e-liquid to moisten the leaves to get it going. Still it's amazing that anything can produce non-combustable vapor from your favorite leaves. 

What about the atomizer? You may be wondering about the atomizer and when to replace it. The Pro Series is a sleek all in one design, so the top load atty is built right into the drop-in Cartridge. When your e-liquid starts tasking a bit burnt, it's time to replace the Cartridge. I get between 15-18 loads (and the cartridge holds a lot of e-juice!).

Maintenance is easier than traditional tanks and clearomizers because you replace the whole Pro cartridge. You can try to clean it with a water or vodka soak, but that could compromise the magnets and cause the cartridge to leak. Best to buy several cartridges. I like to keep several on hand because I vape different e-liquid flavors. 

To sum it up, I think the V2 Pro Series offers style, versatility, ease of use and great vapor production, all at a great price. 

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Disclaimer:  Electronic cigarettes are for adults over 18 looking for a cleaner, safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Pregnant women and people suffering from serious heart conditions and other diseases should consulting their physicians prior to using e-cigs. Nicotine is an addictive drug and may be harmful. E-cigarettes do not guarantee that you will quit smoking. We may receive compensation for purchases made through recommendations or advertisements on this website.

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