V2Cigs New Ex Cartridges: An ECigarette Innovation

Last updated on May 24th, 2018

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Your Traditional E-Cigarette Cartridge Just Got Better – Have a Look at V2's ExCartridge

V2 Ex Cartridge

Just when I thought V2Cigs products couldn’t get any better they introduce their new Ex Cartridges which have set a whole new standard for traditional e-cigarette vaping. 

V2Cigs, made a name for itself because of their very stable, safety tested batteries, pure e-liquids and their long lasting, true to name tasting flavors. 

A New Standard in ECig Cartridges and Longer Lasting Vapor

What  makes V2Cig’s new Ex Cartridge so special? You get more than 400 puffs from the Ex Cartridge! That’s almost double the puffs on most prefilled carts (including V2’s models). Combine that with V2Cigs slim, long batteries (which can give you over 400 puffs on a single charge) and you can go for days (unless, of course you vape 24/7).

If you’re frustrated filling and cleaning a tank you’ll be glad to know V2Cigs Ex Cartridges last as long as most refillable tanks without the hassel.That means not having to blow excess ejuice out of your atomizer or waiting for the eliquid to steep.

What’s more, there’s no cotton wicking which can reduce the flavor as you vape for longer periods of time.

V2Cigs Ex Cartridge windowHandy EJuice Window

Another plus is that the Ex Cartridge has a cool e-liquid window that lets you know just how much ejuice is left in your cartridge. 

Leak Proof Cartridge

I tried several carts over the period of several days and there was absolutely no leaking. They really are well sealed. V2 says they’re “air tight” which actually produces greater clouds of vapor right from the first puff. That means not having to blow excess ejuice out of your atomizer or waiting for the eliquid to steep. I always had to prime my carto even with the highest rated clearomizers.

I should mention that V2Cigs also has fabulous refillable clear tanks, called Ex Blanks that screw onto all of their Ex Batteries, but for those who prefer extreme ease of use and the look of a traditional e-cigarette, the stunning Ex Cartridges are an outstanding option.

Attention Vapor Couture Customers

Were you a fan of slim e-cigarettes from Vapor Couture? Since VMR (the makers of both V2 and VC) have discontinued Vapor Couture, the EX Series kit is the perfect replacement. 


V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide


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    • A Mukherjee on March 3, 2015 at 12:56 PM
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    How to refill the ex cartridges please? I can not open the back cover of it.

    1. Sorry for the confusion. Only the V2 ExBlank Cartridge is refillable. The ExCartridge is not meant to be refillable.

  1. […] 6- Vapor Production – The V2Cigs Ex Blank Tanks provides constant full flavor and vapor. For this reason alone, we have to rate them very highly.  If you are, (or used to be) a heavy smoker and you need a full-flavored throat hit, you’ll get it with these Tanks especially if you use a higher nicotine level eliquid.  Also, since you keep refilling it, you’ll never get a diminished hit as you do with prefilled cartridges and Cartomizers when they are half used (unless you use V2′s new Ex Cartridges). […]

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