V2Cigs EX Batteries E-Cigarette Review

Last updated on January 6th, 2019

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V2 Ex Series Starter kit

One of the most popular products from #1 Selling e-cigarettes V2 is their colorful EX Batteries. The Ex Series Line is great for beginner vapers who want a hi-styled cartridge cig-alike; the versatility of a fill-your-own mini tank, or anyone who appreciates the portability of a slim-style ecigarette.  I've been vaping these ecigs for about 4 years and V2 keeps improving their style and performance. The Ex Series is still one of the best on the market.

When the series first came out, the batteries came in many colors including floral and casino designs. Those fancy offerings are no longer available and the colors have been modified to those shown below. It seems to be the trend in the industry to eliminate designs that (dare I say) might attract those under vaping age.

V2 Ex Battery Colors

V2's EX Batteries are made to go with the long lasting EX Cartridges and V2's best selling Ex Blank Cartridges. The batteries are not only attractive style-wise, they have great battery life. You'll get about 300 puffs per charge (about a pack and a half of analog cigarettes) depending on your vaping style. They also have a very cool row of LED lights at the end of the e-cigarette which lets you know how much charge is left in your battery. The LED lights replace the “first generation” light at the tip of the ecig.

New Cartridge Sleeve

If you like your e-cigarette to look long and sleek, you'll like the new EX Series's cartridge sleeve. It's a metal cover that matches the battery and slides over the cartridge. Fans of the former Vapor Couture (V2's discontinued slim e-cigarette) can appreciate this feature.

Five New Colors From Which to Choose

There's a color for every taste with the EX Batteries. The Brushed Steel is very chic for either men or women, as is the Matte Black color. It's a charcoal metallic with a subtle groove in the pattern. The Blue Pearl and Opal are luminescent which will surely turn heads; Rose Gold is very feminine and happens to be their best seller.

Refillable Filter or Pre-filled Cartridge – You Choose

V2Cigs is known for it's outstanding cartridges. Not only do they taste exactly like the flavor's name suggests, the flavor doesn't wimp out if you get a higher level of nicotine. Nor does it taste harsh. Any V2 cigalike cartridge works with the EX Batteries. Want a sleek look? Just slip on the matching sleeve. Don't want a sleek cig-alike look? Prefer to use your own e-juice? The Ex Battery accommodates the Ex Cartridge or the excellent Ex Blank cartridge.

Filling an EX Blank Cartridge

Filling an EX Blank cartridgeIf you prefer to use your own e-liquid, (or any of V2Cigs safety tested, U.S. made e-liquids, the EX Battery pairs perfectly with V2’s EX Blank Tank. If you're new to adding your own e-juice, this system is great, economical way to get introduced to intermediate level vaping.


Happy Vaping!

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