V2 Cigs – Still the Best ECigarette for Safety, Simplicity and Vaping Satisfaction

Last updated on July 29th, 2018

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What Ecig Brand Do Smokers Say is the Best for Quitting? 

V2 ecigarettes are #1

Best ECigarette for Safety and Ease of Use

I’ve been reviewing e-cigarettes and vaporizers since 2005 and I’ve tested many brands and models from simple cigalikes to some of the most advanced high powered vaporizers. Some were great, some were mediocre and some…well, let’s just say, I’ve chucked out many an ecig starter kit.

I’ve see once strong brands like Green Smoke go from excellent to horrendous. I’ve seen inferior products like VUSE marketed to the masses with no commitment to quality or eliquid purity. That said; good old V2 is still at the top of my list for quality, reliability and consumer satisfaction.

Impressed From the Start

I first tried V2 back in 2009 when the brand was still called V2 Cigs and hardly anyone heard of an electronic cigarette. The word “vaping” wasn’t in the dictionary. I got away with vaping on an airplane. (Don't try that one today).

Back then I was blown away with the quality of V2’s “cigalike” starter kit and although ecig innovation has advanced throughout the industry, V2's original product still remains at the top of my “highly recommend” list. I believe it's still the best choice for any smoker who’s ready to try an electronic cigarette. 

V2 is also a must have for any seasoned vaper's ecig collection. 

I admit, I’m an advanced vaper, but it’s really nice to vape my V2 Ex Series ecig when I get fed up with washing out clearomizer tanks or figuring out the watts and ohm resistance on my high powered vaporizer. I get great flavor, awesome vapor and their products are elegantly designed and extremely easy to use.

Still Going Strong

V2 happens to be the world’s highest volume online retailer of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. They’ve maintained their position since 2011. Not too shabby. It’s not because they advertise more heavily than other vapor companies and it’s not because they’re cheaper, (although they are competitively priced). It's because they make high quality products that are a better tasting smoking alternative. 

Here’s Why I Think V2 Has Been So Successful

1- Your E-cigarette is Really Easy to Use and Maintain

  • The flavor Cartomizer or Ex Blank Mini Tank is easy to change. It simply screws on.
  • The battery has a quick charge and it’s very long lasting.(especially the Ex Series Battery).
  • Batteries are either automatic or they have a manual activation button. (It's why vapers with young children love this model).


2- V2's Vape Pens, like the Pro Series have magnetic technology, so you don't even have to screw on the tank. 

3- You Get Awesome Vapor and Satisfying Taste

  • You don’t need a high powered vaporizer to get big, flavorful clouds of vapor.
  • You don’t need to mess with atomizers or voltage and wattage adjustments.
  • V2’s line of e-liquids include some of the best tasting flavors in the industry.
V2 ecig with ex blank refillable tank

Refill Your E-Liquids Using Ex Blank Mini Tanks


4- Choose From Several Versatile Designs

  • Products range from a high quality standard ecig with a Cartomizer (flavor cartridge) or refillable Ex Blank mini tank, to advanced vape pens and MODs from the Pro Series line of vaporizers. You can even vape dry herbs and oils.

5- Enjoy the Slim Profile

  • Whatever model you choose, your e-cigarette is sturdy and not likely to break. Vaporizers from other companies can be very top-heavy. 
  • All products – even the more advanced vape pen styles of the Pro Series 7 have a slim design so they’re really easy to carry in your pocket or purse.
V2 trust taste technology

Trust, Taste, Technology

6- Safety Tested

  • V2 maintains a strict in house, quality control laboratory.
  • Batteries are tested for stability and have automatic shut off features when charging.
  • E-liquids and cartridges adhere to exceptional safety and reporting standards that include batch reports, online ingredient reports and expiration dates. Ingredients are diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free.


7- Truly Economical

  • V2's Vape 4 Free Program saves you money on future purchases.
  • Ecigs and vaporizers are competitively priced.


8- Reliable Customer Support

  • V2 is one of the few on-line ecig sites that offers a toll free customer service number as well as Live Chat seven days a week. (hours vary)


9- Reputable Company – Prepared for the Future

With e-cigarette regulations at hand, I’ve learned that V2 is prepared to meet all FDA testing requirements and is committed to staying up to date on all safety requirements.

9.8 rating

I give V2 a 9.8 rating for all of the above reasons. Try V2 if you’re ready to make the switch, or you’ve tried other brands that were either inferior or they’re just too complicated. They even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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