Battle of the Tanks – Review of V2 EX Blank Tanks

Last updated on January 18th, 2019

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Do you enjoy adding your own e-liquids to your e-cigarette? Many vapers say, yes! It’s economical and you’re able to mix e-juice flavors. But which cartridge or “tank” is the best for you? All electronic cigarette companies offering refillable e-cig Tanks have something unique to offer. Some are easier to fill. Some are easier to clean. Some are make of plastic; other of glass or pyrex. It’s like a Battle of the Tanks. This Review Looks at V2Cigs EX Blank Tanks

1-Size – 

V2 EX Blank Tanks are streamlined in shape. They're classy and slimmer than most tanks because they’re made to be used with V2's new EX Blank batteries, but they also fit nicely on any V2 slim battery. If you want the advantage of a tank without vaping a vaporizer, V2 Ex Blank Tanks are for you. The tank itself holds 25mL of e-liquid.

2- Features – 

– EX Blank Tanks have a screw on cap so your e-liquid doesn’t spill in your pocket or purse. This a new feature and it’s a plus, but don’t screw it on too hard, or you may break the grommet.

– You can fill a single Ex Blank tank around 20 times without having to toss it. 

3- Filling Your Tank

Filling an EX Blank cartridgeEach Ex Blank Tank has fill level indicators so you don’t overfill it. Like many tanks, it’s clear so you see the liquid. 

Because you fill it yourself you must be careful when dripping your e-liquid into the tank. Do not get any e-liquid into the small hole in the center! Since the EX Blank is slim in style,it’s more of a challenge, so if you have shaky hands, try sticking a round toothpick in the center hole to prevent your e-liquid seeping into the wrong chamber.

You should let the Ex Blank Tank rest at least 15 minutes before you start vaping. It takes a bit of time for the wick to absorb the e-liquid, but that’s true of most top coil tank systems. 

Changing E-Liquid Flavors – If you like to change e-liquid flavors, V2 recommends that you use a fresh Ex Blank Tank to insure flavor quality. I recommend this too…but Ex Blanks are not cheap. Right now you get 3 for $14.95 which is a bit steep. Cloud Nine lets our fans know when they’re on sale, so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook . 

4- Cleaning the refillable EX Blank Tank 

V2 is one of the few e-cig companies to openly admit that no matter how well you clean your tank, you’ll never totally get rid of the flavor essence from the last flavored e-liquid. The tank is made of plastic and plastic absorbs flavors!

That's not to say you can't clean your EX Blank Tank, but it’s not that easy and sometimes the O-ring falls off. I really have to side with the manufacturer when it comes to cleaning.  V2 is all about high safety standards which is why they recommend you simply replace the Ex Blank. Upside – it’s so much more sanitary; Downside – the EX Blank is relatively fragile and there are no replacement coils and wicks, just new EX Blanks. Still if you choose to rinse the Ex Blank tank with water between fillings, let it dry out completely before you refill it. This will prevent “popping” or “bubbling”. 

6- Vapor Production – The V2 Ex Blank Tanks provides constant full flavor and vapor. For this reason alone, I have to rate them very highly.  If you are, (or used to be) a heavy smoker and you need a full-flavored throat hit, you’ll get it with these Tanks especially if you use a higher nicotine level eliquid.  Also, since you keep refilling it, you’ll never get a diminished hit as you do with prefilled cartridges and Cartomizers when they are half used. 


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If there’s an e-cigarette tank system you would like us to review, please let us know in the comment section below.

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