Prohibited – Dry Herbs, Oil and Wax Vaporizer – Review and How To

Last updated on January 6th, 2019

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Why Fire Up Those Herbs and Oils When You Can Vape Them?


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Quick Overview:

In the 5th Degree Vaporizer from PROHIBITED is a smart technology, multi-functional Vaporizer that lets you vape Dry Herbs, and Concentrates including Oils and Wax. With so many new multi-type vapes on the market, it's nice to find one that works great and is reasonably priced.

  • The Vaporizer comes with everything you need to vape herbs, oils and wax… as you get 2 cartridges.
  • Changing the cartridge from Dry Herb to Concentrates is seamless.
  • The vaporizer uses a Stainless Steel Conduction oven for your Dry Herbs which maximizes heat efficiency and safety.
  • Using a Dual-Quartz/Titanium cartridge for Concentrates, you can be sure of even, clean heating. Many other conduction cartridges are ceramic.
  • Both cartridge and charger connections use very cool magnetic technology.
  • No more burning anything! No Smoke, No Harsh Taste, No Sore Throat.




The In The 5th Degree Dry Herbs and Concentate Vaporizer will appeal to people wanting a non-combustable herb, oil or wax vape that doesn't burn your throat. Conduction is the key, so there's no smoke or flame. Your herb doesn't even burn away, although it will lose potency.

With 2 easily interchangeable cartridges – one for dry herbs, one for concentrates, vaping is a pleasure. Vapor production is excellent. What's more, operating and cleaning the device is a breeze.

One thing to note; you cannot vape e-liquids with the In the 5th Degree vaporizer.


  • Here Are the Best Features 
    • With the Dual-Quartz/Titanium cartridge for Concentrates, you can be sure of even, clean heating.
    • Both cartridge and charger connections use very cool magnetic technology. So much easier than screwing a tight tank on and off.
    • Smart technology heats the oven/chamber to the ideal temperature.
  • Here's What's Inside the Box 
    • 1x In the 5th Degree vaporizer
    • 1x magnetic USB charging cord
    • 1x wall adapter
    • 1x In the 5th Degree Dry Herb Cartridge
    • 1x In the 5th Degree Concentrates Cartridge
    • 1x pick tool and 1x brush tool – for basic cartridge maintenance

How To Use Your In the 5th Degree Vaporizer

If you're new to vaping dry herbs or concentrates you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use.

Dry herb vaporizers do operate a bit differently than vape pens that use e-liquids. The biggest difference is that the oven gets heated before you vape. That means there's no need to press the button before each inhalation.

Once you've activated the device, you simply wait for the button to turn green before you vape. Smart technology will set the temperature for you. I recommend using this feature since setting your own temperature is a bit more complicated.

Don't expect a harsh taste! You inhale the gentle warm air and essence of your heated herb, oil or wax.

Basic Steps to Vape Dry Herbs

  • Begin by charging the battery with the magnetic usb charger.
  • If you are using the Dry Herb Cartridge it's a good idea to crush your buds before filling the chamber. Don't pack it in because the heat won't circulate properly.
  • If your battery is locked, click 3 times to unlock it.
  • To activate, press the button on the battery 1 time. The light will turn green. Remember, your device is equipped with smart technology that will heat the herbs to optimal vaporizing temperature.
  • If you wish to set the temperature yourself, quickly push the activation button twice; The lights will cycle, with one light indicating low and all three indicating high. Push the activation button again when the glowing lights correspond with your desired temperature setting.
  • When you’re ready to vape, push and hold the activation button for three seconds. You will see the LED lights along the bottom of your device glow red, then yellow and finally green indicating it's ready to vape!
  • There is NO NEED to press the activation button in order to inhale the condensed vapor.
  • Don't expect massive clouds, but that doesn't mean you are not inhaling the essence of the herbs.
  • When you are finished vaping, turn off the vaporizer with 3 clicks.
  • Empty the oven chamber and use the brush to remove any dry leaves.

Basic Steps to Vape Oils, Wax and other Concentrates

  • Begin by charging the battery with the magnetic usb charger.
  • Add your concentrate to the cartridge basin, then drop the magnetic cartridge into the recessed chamber.
  • You can choose the variable voltage by pressing the button on the battery two times quickly. The light will turn green.
  • The lights below the activation button will cycle. One light indicates 4V, two lights glowing indicates 4.5V, and all three glowing indicates 5V. Push the activation button again when the glowing lights correspond with your voltage selection.
  • Unlike the dry herb vaporizer, when you’re ready to vape concentrates, you must push the activation button to puff!
  • Note that vaping concentrates at higher heat settings can create a gunky oven – so start with the lowest setting.
  • When you are finished vaping, lock the the vaporizer with 3 clicks.
  • Remove any remaining concentrates with the pick provided.

In the 5th Degree Guide to using vaporizer's  features

PROHIBITED – A Not So New Newcomer to the Vaping Community

Although the PROHIBITED brand is brand new, the company is part of VMR – one of the largest private international vape companies. That means you're getting high end, high quality products pre-tested for safety and reliability.

I particular like PROHIBITED'S product slogan, “One Nation Under the Influence”. Edgy, but sure to grab the attention of a huge audience reaching far beyond tobacco smokers who are looking for a safer, non-combustable vaping product.

Cool New Vapes On the Way!

PROHIBITED promises a slimmer, less expensive, more discrete, dual-use Vape Pen similar to In the 5th Degree, aptly named – In the 4th Degree.

Prohibited-In the 4th Degree Dual Vaporizer

The company will also offer an E-Rig (bong) Attachment and a powerful Dabber for concentrates. We'll let you know when it arrives…Just Follow Us on Twitter and Twitter.

In the 5th Degree Vaporizer


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