5 Best Pod Vape Systems with Disposable Pods

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Last updated on October 12th, 2019

5 Best Pod Vape Systems with Disposable Pods

What Are the Top Selling Disposable Pod Vapes?

Pod Vapes are really popular now because they’re lightweight and very portable. The disposable kind, also called “closed system” pod vapes are the easiest to use as you never have to fill them with e-juice. When the e-liquid is depleted, you toss the pod and insert a new one. 

The vaping market is flooded with scores of these tiny vaping devices. Prices and styles are all over the place, so if you want one, you have to do some homework. The best models aren’t necessarily the most expensive. 

We’ve tested a wide range of vapes with disposable pods and have put together a list of the very best. They’re all a bit different, but you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your vaping needs.


1 – Riptide Ripstick Bundle Kit 



Riptide Ripstick

The Ripstick is perhaps the hottest new closed system pod vape on the market right now. We think it’s because the smooth rounded finish feels so great in your hand (and your mouth). Some say it’s the rich flavors and the very substantial, satisfying vapor.

All that aside, the Riptide Ripstick pod contains e-juice unlike any other formula. It’s tobacco-free and free of benzoic acid. For an ultra-portable disposable pod vape with an impressive 380mAh rechargeable battery, the Ripstick is also priced right. So are the replaceable flavor pods that come in five flavors.


2 – Juul Pod System

Juul Kit with pod box

JUUL Pod Vape and Disposable Pods

Reviewers at Tech Crunch and Wired magazines have called JUUL the first “great e-cig”. The full flavored taste, cig-like smoking sensation and ease of use is why so many smokers choose the USB-styled JUUL to help them quit smoking. 

The device charges easily and quickly with the minimalistic magnetic USB charger. The pre-filled pods are sold separately and come in many flavors with different nicotine strengths depending on flavor chosen. Each pod holds 0.7ml of nic salt e-liquids. Vapor production is quite ample.

3 – Bo One

Bo Onevape batteries with pod pack

Bo One with Disposable Pod Pack

Looking for a high performance yet lightweight disposable pod vape? The BO One has a big 380 mAh battery for an all day vape. Each pod holds a generous 1.5ml of 35mg salt nicotine e-liquid. Vapor production is good and the kit ships with 2 pre-filled Kiwiberry Ice pods. You can order additional pods in 4 other flavors.

4 – Mojo Disposable Pod Vape

MOJO disposable pod vape device

MOJO Disposable Pod Vape Device

An inexpensive, single use pod vape pen, the Mojo is truly disposable. That means you throw the entire vape away when the pod is depleted. Ideal for a travelers, the Mojo never needs charging or refilling. 

This pretty little vape (measuring only 73mm) is also priced right, at under $10 per device. Not bad for over 250 puffs, and there are five delicious flavors -Tobacco, Cool Melon, Lemon Cake, Menthol and Pineapple Ice.

The Mojo pod holds 1.2ml of Salt Nicotine E-Liquid with the milligram level of 50. Each Mojo comes with only one (1) per package.

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5 – Kilo 1K

black Kilo 1K pod vape, charger and dewberry pods with box

Kilo 1K pod vape, charger and Dewberry pods

Most pod vape pens have only a few flavor choices, but the Kilo1K pod vape lets you choose from 13 delicious flavors. Each flavor even has a color coded rubber cap.

The Kilo is the largest of our five best pod vapes but it still feels great in your hand. Weighing only 26 grams, it has a smooth, thin rubber coating. The direct draw is tight and automatic.

Some pod vapes have to be recharged often, but the Kilo 1K’s 950mAh battery will last as long as the e-juice in the pod. Expect about 400 puffs.


Our top five disposable pod vapes are also some of the best sellers. They’re all reliable and easy-to use. 

We’ll be reviewing new disposable pod vape kits as they come on the market. We promise to keep you up to date on the very best devices from the most trusted sellers.

Of course, you can always learn more about each product by clicking the Buy Now button without any obligation to purchase. 

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Have you tried any of our recommended disposable pod vape systems? We always appreciate your comments, so please leave a reply.

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