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Dec 28

Why Quitting Smoking is So Difficult

Last updated on November 16th, 2017

Feb 07

Battle of the Tanks – Review of V2 EX Blank Tanks

Filling an EX Blank tank

Here’s Cloud Nine’s honest review of V2Cigs EX Blank Tanks.

Oct 01

What Chemicals Are In Your E-Cigarettes? The Shocking Truth

If you have been wondering about the chemicals found in e-cigarettes, or whether electronic cigarettes are safe, this article lists all ingredients and percentages. It also explains the properties of those chemicals and outlines the reasons why they are used in the product.

Aug 08

Interview With Cloud Nine’s Green Smoke Pro Kit Winner

Cloud Nine has a contest winner and she’s happy to share her views on the e-cigarette experience.

Mar 24

Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Time to quit smoking

You’re ready to quit smoking but do the side effects outweigh the advantages? Is there an easier way to quit smoking? This article offers answers and a better way to break the cigarette habit.

Mar 15

How To Get the Most Out of Your E-Cigarette Experience

Premium Vapes designer e-cigarettes

E-Cigarettes have become an increasingly popular alternative to tobacco cigarettes because people enjoy this safer method of smoking. If you have made the switch, follow these smart ways to get the most out of your e-cigarette experience.

Jan 31

E-Cigarette Cases Ratings and Reviews for V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture E-Cigarettes

Considering an e-cigarette carrying case? Here’s our review for V2  electronic cigarette carrying cases. 

Nov 19

Green Smoke’s New Leather E-Cigarette Carrying Case Review

E-cigarette company now offers leather carrying cases. Here is our review.

Sep 25

How To Smoke An E-Cigarette in Public

Smoke 'em anywhere

Afraid to smoke your electric cigarette in public? Here are some great tips for vapers – what to say to people who question your conduct when you are vaping in public or non-smoking zones.

Aug 21

How to Match Your E-Cigarette With Your Wardrobe

It may seem a bit over the top, but electronic cigarettes are becoming so popular, several brands, including Vapor Couture (designed especially for women) are promoting cool new colorful designs that can match your wardrobe. Why not? Women switch out handbags to match their outfits as frequently as they change their knickers, so why not match every accessory including electronic cigarettes?

Jul 09

Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Tobacco Cigarettes?

Sexy woman smoking ecigarette

Discover the best ways to switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Here’ are some powerful suggestions on how to do it successfully.

May 29

Home Fire Safety: The Dangers of Cigarettes and Better Alternatives to Smoking

National Fire Prevention Association says the leading cause of fires in the home is from cigarettes and smoking materials. Here are safety tips for smokers and for those who are looking for a smoking alternative such as e-cigarettes.

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