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Where to Buy the Safest E-Cigarettes

Last updated on February 24th, 2018

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If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about vaping and you’re worried about e-cigarette safety. You’re wondering not only where to buy the safest e-cigarettes, but which models are least likely to explode. Maybe you’re also looking to buy e-liquids that are free of chemcals like Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl.

Our team has been testing and reviewing vaping products since 2006 and we follow e-cigarette and vaping industry news religiously.

We can help by recommending products that have never been cited for having a battery explode in a man’s face…(or a woman’s for that matter). We can tell you where to buy e-liquids that are free of dangerous chemicals.

That said, we’re also aware of the amount of cheaply made, lame-performing e-cigarettes flooding the market. This article recommends the top companies, and the safest, most reliable vaping products, but first you should know…


What Are the Most Important Safety Features in an E-Cigarette?


1- YOU Are the Most Important Safety Factor When it Comes to Vaping.

*Carefully follow manufacturer directions and reduce the potential for an issue.

*Don’t overcharge your vape or leave it plugged in longer than it needs to be.

*Know your brand. Don’t purchase knock offs or unreliable vapes.

*Use manufacturer approved and compatible accessories. Don’t mix brands’ components or use “mods”.

*Keep batteries (and charged back up power sources) away from loose change, magnets or other metal items. Make sure that they are stored appropriately and are not tossed in your pocket as you dash out the door.

*Don’t get your vape wet. This might sound like a no-brainer, but it is important to remember that it has an electrical current and is not a submergible device.

2The Ecig Company’s Dedication to Quality and Third Party Testing

Not all companies are dedicated to customer and product safety. The best companies provide complete instructions on how to use your ecigarette.

The most reputable companies submit their product to Underwriters Laboratories, (known more commonly as UL). UL has been testing and certifying consumer electronics for decades, but now they can help e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors to ensure that the batteries, circuitry and heating elements they use in their devices are safe and stable.


Buying the Safest E-Cigarettes and Vaping Hardware


We recommend U.S based e-cigarette companies that are known to test their devices before they package and sell them.

Most of those companies design and assemble their own products in their own labs.

Although there are many popular (and excellent) products made in Asia and sold in the US and Europe, we have not included them on this list.

Why? Because you’re searching for the safest e-cigarettes; the brands and models we recommend have never been reported to have experienced a thermal runnaway explosion. (We will also update this article regularly.)


You May Be Wondering – Are Advanced Vaporizers Safe?


If you are using an advanced personal vaporizer (AVP), including Mechanical MODs, make sure you follow the directions to a tee!

Many vapers choose these advanced models because they want greater vapor production and more control over there “throat hit”. But plenty of people underestimate how tricky AVPs and Mech MODs can be. They often lack any internal circuitry that could potentially fail spontaneously.

It’s been said that 99% of ecig battery explosions occur with these these devices. If you’re looking for the safest devices, stick to beginner and intermediate models.


Here Are Our Recommendations for Where to Buy the Safest E-Cigarettes

Vaporfi – Vaporfi sells some of the most reliable, quality-made e-cigarettes on the market. Shop for ecigs, vape pens and vaporizers listed under their own brand name. We recommend the Vaporfi models, rather than the 3rd-party imports (such as Smok, eLeaf, Kanger and Joyetech) if you want the highest level of safety. The safest models are also the least complicated to use.

Vaporfi’s Statement:

“Our company was born out of a need in the market for higher standards, better made products, and being able to serve the customer with a higher caliber set of options when it comes to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers.”

JUUL – The JUUL ecig is one of the least complicated, safest ecigarette you can buy. Not only has is become wildly popular, it’s easy to use. There are only 3 parts to this lightweight, compact ecig – the battery, the usb charger and the flavor pod. There’s only one way to charge it and that’s by USB, so you don’t worry about using an incompatible charger. There are no special buttons or dials to adjust the wattage.

V2 – V2 is the largest retailer of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers on the Internet. They earned this market leadership position by offering a broad selection of high quality, USA-designed products.

V2’s Statement:

“V2 vapes and ecigs are reliably made and come with directions for appropriate use…Our best ambassadors are our products and our satisfied customers. We believe nobody can tell our story better than a happy customer and the reason they’re happy is because our products deliver authentic flavor and perform at the highest levels.”


HALO Halo Cigs has established and enforced supplier safety standards and the company works only with “Secure Source Suppliers” who provide reports on product testing and certification.

Halo is also a founding member of their industry's Product Responsibility Action Group. HALO led the effort to establish industry best practices and a standard Code of Product Responsibility.

Halo’s Statement:

“QUALITY AND HIGHER STANDARDS…those two virtues became the cornerstones of Halo’s foundation. They’re the guiding principles behind every decision Halo makes – the roadmap from a humble beginning to the present and on into the future. They’re Halo’s promise to its customers to create the best vaping experience possible, by providing trustworthy products at a fair price.”


E-Liquid Safety


If you’re shopping for e-liquids, or if you are buying pre-filled e-cig cartridges, you want to make certain that all the ingredients used have been approved by the FDA.

The Following E-Liquid Companies Make These Promises:

– E-liquids used are Diacetyl and AP Free

– PG levels used in the e-liquid are FDA approved

– VG levels used in the e-liquid are FDA approved.Nicotine levels used in the e-liquid are FDA approved.

1 – Kai's Virgin Vapor customer service team confirmed there is no Diacetyl, diacetyl analogs, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, 2, 3-Pentanedione, Diethylene Glycol, Ketone, Aldehyde, or Hexane in any of Virgin Vapor’s pure organic e-liquids. Neither are there any heavy metals, mercury, lead, chromium and cadmium.

Virgin Vapor, has third-party certified lab reports and they are fully certified by AEMSA.

According to Kai’s Virgin Vapor, 100% organic e-liquids means there are no chemical flavorings. In addition, all flavors are steam extracted so there is no chemical residue left behind from the extraction process.

2 – VaporFi  – E-Liquids are 100% free of Diacetyl and AP. They are among the cleanest juices out there and they are produced under the highest operating standards. Want proof? Check out VaporFi’s e-juice reports:

Halo – Award-winning Halo Cigs, conducts third party testing for all of their e-liquids.

Halo tests not only for Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl, but also Acetoin, Arsenic, Cadmium, Diethylene Glycol and Nitrosamines.

According to company spokesperson, Jason Del Giudice, Halo runs their e-liquids through third party testing every 3-6 months to ensure there are no changes on their suppliers side.

4 – Firebrand – Firebrand is famous for their high tech labs, certified 99.9%+ ultra-pure nicotine and three-tier filtration system.

The company uses 3rd party labs that have confirmed the safety of all Firebrand eliquids. Testing was conducted at the meticulous level of parts per billion.

Firebrand’s best selling flavors “Carnivale, Apple Pie, Emperor's Blend, Peppermint Patty, Snow Cat, tobacco Royale, MRX, and Penguin Corps 99 tested 100% of Diacetyl & AP free.

5 – DirectVaporDiscount company DirectVapor carries a huge selection of e-liquids from some of the most popular ejuice companies including Motley Brew, Cosmic Fog and Space Jam.

Their website indicates which brands and flavors are Diacetyl and AP free. You can now search eliquids by “AP free” and “diacetyl free.

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