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E-Cigarette Safety Measures

Last updated on November 11th, 2017

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v2 Cigs Lab Technician on Cloud Nine

V2Cigs are tested for safety

E-Cigarette Quality and Safety

Electronic cigarette safety is on every vaper’s mind…and on many tobacco smoker’s minds as well.

Sure, you’re ready to give up tobacco for the electronic alternative, but how do you know which e-cigarette brands test for safety in the factories? Do all of the top electronic cigarette companies clearly state all the ingredients on the packaging? As a consumer, you have a right to know.

One of the best, and most obvious way to determine an e-cigarette company’s safety procedures is to visit their website and to search around for pages and videos that give you specific information on the ingredients, testing methods and other safety disclosures.

All that work can get old fast particularly when you can’t find anything. I know, because I do it all the time. It’s Cloud Nine's promise to research and report on that kind of information.  I was surprised to learn that some of the top selling e-cigarette companies come up short on the disclosure of e-cigarette safety measures.

Top Rated V2 Cigs 

V2Cigs claims to be the #1 E-Cigarette in America.  That’s a bold statement, and while a few other e-cig companies also make that claim, not all of them reveal why their customers should feel safe using their products.  


V2 Cigs Quality assuranceV2 Quality Page

V2Cigs is known for great vapor, low prices, wide flavor selection and a huge choice of battery colors and sizes. While the e-cigarette industry remains unregulated, it’s reassuring when you find a company with superior quality products designed to meet future requirements. 

The company is pretty transparent when it comes to revealing where their products are designed, assembled and sourced. V2 has a Batch Testing Page where you can test your filters for purity.

V2 Cigs is also one the few e-cigarette companies to offer a lifetime warranty. 

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide
What About Safety Disclosures on other E-Cigarette Brand Websites? 

Our team has researched scores of other ecig websites looking for information about their quality assurance. Although we found pages relating to warranties and how e-cigarettes work, we were hard pressed to find much info about lab safety standards.

VaporFi produced results for quality-control and tested for dangerous chemicals.  According to spokesperson Andres Gomez,

“All of our juices including our Premium, Reserve and Grand Reserve lines are 100% clean with lab reports published on our website to show all results. All are 100% free of Diacetyl and AP. VaporFi e-liquids are among the cleanest juices out there and produced under the highest operating standards.”

The Bottom Line About E-Cigarette Safety

Are ecigarettes 100% safe? The jury is still out on that question although respected scientists, the medical community and even the FDA admits they are a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Cloud Nine supports tobacco harm reduction and many quality ecigarette brands. It's reassuring that a few major ecig companies, including America's #1 seller, V2Cigs remains a step ahead of deeming FDA regulations by making a point of insuring quality control and safety in manufacturing their products.

Let us know what you think! Your comments will help others to choose the right e-cigarette brand and will help to make this website fulfull its promise to those looking for a quality e-cigarette.

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