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Slim Pen Style E-Cigarette Combines French Design with Great Vapor

Last updated on November 11th, 2017

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Here’s a cool, economical, easy to use vape pen designed in France.

IFIT french vape pen from Premium Ecigarettes

Although some of the most popular e-cigarette starter kits are designed in the States, one of the best vape pens – a new model designed in France has received a lot of attention, including my own.

Recently released to the US market and sold by Premium Ecigarettes, the refillable IFIT vape pen is a deal at only $25 per kit. It’s economical, yes, but unlike so many pen style ecigs, the IFIT is very attractive.

I may be an advanced vaper, but I do appreciate finding a simple vape pen that is thoughtfully styled and an excellent choice for anyone ready to try e-cigs.

The French design is elegant and lightweight and Premium offers the IFIT in 5 cool colors – white, purple, silver, black and orange (my fave). I particularly like the fact that it’s so simple to fill with any e-juice you choose, but for those who need guidance Premium’s IFIT page has a big, easy to follow diagram how to fill your IFIT. You also don't have to go far to find excellent e-liquids as Premium also sells many popular brands.

Another plus is that the e-juice tank has a magnetic clip system which really prevents leaks.

Other Cool Features

Not every vaporizer has a battery charge indicator, but the IFIT does. The battery is slim, and only 1300 mAh, but it holds a decent charge (about 14 hrs of moderate use). I was also surprised at how much vapor the IFIT’s produces. The top-style atomizer gave me great flavor. I didn't expect it.

Although I do find the IFIT’s activation button a bit understated and flat, it does make for a sleek profile. This vape pen fits nicely into my pocket without creating a bulge. Who needs that? Very portable and elegant for a lady too.

If you’re new to e-cigarettes or just ready to try them, Premium Ecig's IFIT runs rings around traditional cigalikes and is a refreshing change from more complicated vaporizers. Forget having to deal with complicated coils, variable volts and wattages.  This is a “fill it and vape” model. There’s easy, economical maintenance too. No e-liquid tank cleaning needed; you simply replace the tank (called a “clearomizer”) every month or so, or when you e-juice starts to taste a bit burnt or harsh.

I may be a big fan of V2’s ExSeries because I like longer, sturdier, slim-styled vape pens, but the IFIT has a bigger tank, a magnetic charger and a cheaper price. Way cheaper.

To sum it up I’d rate the French-designed IFIT a healthy 9.8 because it’s such a strong contender to any 1st generation “cigalike” and perfect for anyone looking for an easy, effective smoking alternative.


  • Killer Price – $25 for the kit
  • Cool colors (5 in all)
  • Easy to fill  (top loading, room to drip in eliquid)
  • Lightweight, elegant and very portable
  • Nice vapor production with good flavor


  • A bit short for larger hands
  • Activation button is very flat and harder to locate




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