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Our Premium Vapes Giveaway Winner Reviews the EGO Kit

Last updated on February 23rd, 2018

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Meet Misty Criss – Cloud Nine's Premium Vapes EGO Kit Winner

Premium Vapes designer e-cigarettes


I'm a big fan of the Premium Vapes EGO model and I love almost all of Premium Vapes awesome Cartomizer flavors, but as most vapers know, e-cigarette styles (and especially Cartridge flavors) can be subjective. It was reassuring when our latest Giveaway winner gave Premium Vapes a glowing review too. Here's my interview with our winner Misty Criss.

Misty “before” she won the EGO kit!

Hillary: I'm so glad you received your Premium Vapes EGO kit so fast…and in time for Christmas! Tell us how you like the EGO.

Misty: I love it!.. in fact, this is one of the first e-cigs that I have enjoyed. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Hillary: I know the vapor is exceptional with the EGO since the battery is so powerful, but all that vapor means nothing if your cartridge flavor isn't just as good. You ordered the vanilla cartridge in the highest nicotine level. How do you like it? Do you think the nicotine level affects the taste of the flavor?

Misty: The vanilla is good. I did order the 24mg, but I should have ordered the 16mg (standard) nicotine level.

Hillary: Sometimes the flavor can be more intense with a high nicotine level and 24mg is the highest level you can get in an e-cigarette, comparable to a really strong smoke.

Misty: I placed another order for a Variety Pack with 16mg level. I got  blueberry, chocolate, caramel, pear, and strawberry and all of those are amazing! The flavors are great.

Hillary: That order must have arrived quick! In any case, it sounds like you're getting the most out of your Premium Vapes experience. 

Misty: I really would like to quit smoking! I have been on the look out for some way to quit and also to keep my fingers occupied. I had Thyroid cancer and my uncle, who passed, had throat cancer. It scared me to death. I know it is a bad way to die and I don't want to die that way!

Hillary: Have you ever tried e-cigs before?

Misty: I first tried NJoy and Blu they are harsh they really hurt my throat. I really didn't care for them. The NJoy would leak fluid in my mouth and that was nasty! So, I did some browsing on the internet and that's how I found your website. I love that Cloud Nine has giveaways and I like all of the information you have available. I plan on recommending the website to everyone who smokes.

Hillary: We're glad you found us, and we're really happy you won!

Misty: I think e-cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking. My only wish is that the public would quit trying to come up with a reason why we can't use these in public places!

Hillary: Yes, there's  a lot of political posturing going on against electronic cigarettes. Regulators completely ignore the science, saying e-cigarettes are just like cigarettes which is so untrue. Most are afraid of second-hand vapor, which by the way, is now being proven harmless.

Misty: I look at it like this… I have known men who pour Cologne on themselves which made me sick to my stomach! What is the difference? My Premium EGO smells good! I think people are looking to make complaints all the time because they have nothing better to do!!

Hillary: Those who have made the switch know e-cigarettes are a breakthrough product that can save lives. I really believe the science will eventually catch up with all those moral crusaders. Until then we will keep promoting ecigs on Cloud Nine.

Misty: Please keep me posted on other contest! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Hillary: We will!…and thank YOU for sharing your story and opinions.


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