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E-Cigarette Cases Ratings and Reviews for V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture E-Cigarettes

Last updated on December 13th, 2016

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V2 cig-metal-case

Highly rated V2 Cigs along with their sister company, Vapor Couture – the first long, slim e-cigarette designed for women, offer customers a wide variety of carrying cases for their e-cigarette batteries and cartridges.

Why chose to use a carrying case? Apart from the style and glamour of carrying your electronic cigarettes in a handsome case, your e-cigarettes are kept in one place, making them easier to transport, and to find!

There is also the option of purchasing an all-in-one carry/charge case which is very handy should you need a battery charge.


Review of V2 Cigs E-Cigarette Cases

V2 Cigs offers three varieties of e-cigarette cases: The V2Cigs Soft Case, the V2 Cigs Metal Carry Case, and the Metal Charging Case. 


We’ll review the Soft Case first.

V2 cigs soft case V2 Cigs Soft Case is great for those who prefer a softer style and feel to their electric cigarette case. It holds three V2 batteries (all sizes) and 4 cartridges.  There’s even room for an e-cig battery with the cartridge attached.  Many cases only hold separated batteries and cartridges. There’s even a little velcro pouch that holds the charger.

The V2 Cigs Soft Case measures 6.5″L x 2.75″W x 1″D and is available in 4 attractive color combinations: 

Black exterior with a Silver interior

Black exterior with a  Red interior

Silver exterior with a Midnight blue interior

Midnight blue exterior with a Silver interior


Here are the Pros About the Soft Case:  

– Hi quality material and design

– Tastefully designed V2 Logo

– Holds all V2 e-cigarette sizes including filters and charger

– Mini Velcro-sealed pocket holds additional accessories and a hidden sleeve stores away essentials like credit cards, cash or your V2 Smoke 4 Free cards.


Here are the Cons about  the Soft Case: 

– Case tends to be a bit bulky for placing in a jacket or pants pocket.

– When rubber tips are placed over the cartridges, they do not fit in case.


Cloud Nine’s Rating for the V2 Cig Soft Case – 4.5 Stars

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Here’s our review of the New V2 Cigs Metal Carry Case:

V2 cigs Metal Carry Case The new V2 Metal Carry Case was designed to be sleek, light and easy to slip into your pocket or purse. It has a cool slide-to-open style and there is space for two batteries and two Flavor Cartridges.

This case is available in Graphite, Stainless Steel and Glossy White and is designed for the Standard and Shorty length V2 batteries only. 

Here are the measurments:

Length: 4.37”/111mm Width: 2.48”/63mm Depth: 0.70”/18mm



Here are the Pros about the V2Cigs Metal Carry Case: 

– Tasteful V2 Logo

– Slim easy to carry design for pocket or purse.

– Rubber tips used on cartridges fit into the case.


Here are the Cons about the V2Cigs Metal Carry Case:

– You must store your cart separately from the battery. 

– Only holds standard and shorty batteries.


  Cloud Nine’s Rating for the V2 Cigs Metal Carry Case 

4 Stars

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NOTE: If you want a longer Metal Carry Case (which holds longer batteries), purchase the V2 Carry Case XL .  

Length: 5.24”/133 mm Width: 2.52”/64 mm Depth: 0.70”/18 mm


Cloud Nine’s Rating for the V2 Cigs Metal Carry Case XL 

5 stars

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  Our Review of the New V2 Portable Charging Case


V2 portable charge case_1 If you prefer a hard e-cigarette case that doubles as a charger, consider the New V2 Portable Charging Case.

This case is styled similarly to the regular Metal Carry Case in that it still fits in the palm of your hand, except this model includes a convenient screw-on battery charger.

Here are the Pros for the V2 Portable Charging Case

– Easy to read indicator lights tell you how much charge is available in your case. 

– You get accurate charge readings of your battery. 

– You can see the lights change as your battery is fully charged.

– T3 stylish colors, Graphite, Stainless Steel and Glossy White.

– Space to carry an extra battery or 2 V2 Flavor Cartridges

– Fully charges up to 4 Standard V2 batteries when you are away from a power source

– Connects to any standard USB port, and compatible with the V2 Car Charger and V2 Wall Charger.


Length: 4.37”/111 mm Width: 2.48”/63 mm Depth: 0.70”/18 mm

Note: This case is not compatible with V2 XL batteries. You will need the Portable Charging Case XL  


Here are the Cons for V2 Portable Charging Case:

  • Only holds one battery if you choose to store cartridges in the second space.
  • You must store your carts separately from the battery. 
  •  Batteries tend to “rattle” if you do not put a rubber cap on the end of the battery.
Cloud Nine’s Rating of the V2 Portable Charging Case
4 stars

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Cloud Nine’s Rating of the V2 Portable Charging Case XL 

4.5 stars

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Review of Vapor Couture E-Cigarette Cases


Vapor Couture new accessoriesV2’s sister company, Vapor Couture – the first slim e-cigarette designed for women has several very cool new e-cigarette cases that we rate highly.


Here is our review:


Vapor Couture has two hardcover cases – a Metal Carry Case and a Portable Charging Case. Slim and sophisticated, the two cases come in three colors, Deep Purple, Rose Gold and Brushed Platinum (matching your Vapor Couture e-cigarettes!  The Metal Carry Case holds 2 batteries and 2 flavor cartridges, while the petite but powerful Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case can charge your battery 6 times before needing to be reconnected to a power source. There's even room to store 2 VC Flavor Cartridges plus a VC Battery. 

Here are the Pros about the Vapor Couture hardcover cases.

– The Carry Case has two spaces that are long enough to hold the Vapor Couture batteries with your favorite cartridges attached PLUS two cartridges.

– The Portable Charging Case is really convenient if you travel and don't have time (or an outlet) to recharge your battery.

– Both cases are a beautiful way to store your Vapor Couture e-cigarettes

– Both cases make great holiday or birthday gifts.

Measurements (for each metal case): 11 cm long x 5.5 cm wide x 1.5 cm tall

Also new in Vapor Couture Accessories is the Smartphone Clutch. Made of luxurious leather, and beautifully styled, the case is a perfect evening accessory with enough space for two Vapor Couture Batteries, 4 Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges, 1 Smart Charger, your credit cards, and smartphone! There's even room left over for other items. This lovely little bag has two straps that are detachable – one long enough to turn your clutch into a shoulder bag, and one a wristlet. Color choices include Plum, Crimson, Black or White and each comes with a cool grey interior lining so it's easy to spot your items, even in romantic lighting. The bag has a convenient magnetic closure. Check out the Vapor Couture site for interior photos.

Shoulder strap measures 22.5″ in diameter (45″ flat). The wristlet strap is 6.5″ in diameter (13″ flat).

Here are the Pros about the Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch

– Finally there's an e-cigarette clutch that has room for your smartphone as well as your e-cigarette.

– This stylish little bag is made of genuine leather.

– The two interchangeable straps transform the case into the perfect daytime or evening accessory.

We honestly could not find any Cons about this stylish and convenient e-cigarette case. Even the VC designer logo is cool. It's just loaded with great features and high sophisticated styling. We're also big fans of  Vapor Couture e-cigarettes designed for women.

Cloud Nine’s Rating of Vapor Couture E-Cigarette Case

5 stars  

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We hope you found our review of  V2Cigs and Vapor Couture's e-cigarette cases useful. Don't forget to check out our other e-cigarette reviews found throughout Cloud Nine's website  including our  Best Selling Electronic Cigarette Comparison Chart.  Happy Vaping!


Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes - Let Vapor Couture Be The Resolution You'll Always Keep!


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