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The E-Cigarette That Vibrates, Talks and Plays Music

Last updated on February 8th, 2018

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SuperSmokerBluetooth E-Cigarette Review 

Supersmoker Bluetooth

As a seasoned e-cigarette reviewer, I’ve become well schooled in first generation cig-a-likes and second generation eGo systems. I’m even getting up to speed on third generation MODS, which are evolving faster than this year’s flu virus; yet much to my amazement, (and quite ironically) while visiting the KLM airlines site to update one of my more popular posts, I learned of yet another new type of e-cigarette on the airline’s no-no list, called the SuperSmokerbluetooth.

So What’s a SuperSmokerBluetooth?

SuperSmokerBluetooth is an e-cigarette manufactured by SuperSmokerClub (not to be confused with the antiquated e-cigarette.) The SuperSmokerBluetooth is a mobile phone and an MP3 player all rolled into one….kinda like my new car’s GPS-plus-a-million apps ConnectedDrive System,…but considerably smaller.

Okay, I love my car’s fancy communication system because it enriches my driving experience, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need the same computer in my e-cigarette.

Call me old fashioned, but I find that vaping is quite satisfying in itself. True, I do enjoy savoring the vapor while I’m focused on writing or when I’m talking on the phone, but there’s got to be something perverse about sucking on a SuperSmokerBluetooth while your having a conversation with your great aunt Edna. The poor woman will indubitably be adjusting her hearing aids.

Perhaps the tone of this review is unfairly biased because I’m not terribly compelled to consolidate those particular electronic accessories chosen by SuperSmokerClub. I also happen to have a roomy and well organized handbag.

I’m also somewhat offended that someone is suggesting I need to complicate the joyful simplicity of vaping.

I don’t know about you but vaping my ecig is a pleasurable, relaxing experience. I like to savor the flavor of different e-liquids. I like to blow lazy vapor rings.

My e-cigarette may be pleasantly stimulating due to the nicotine I inhale, but I don’t need it to vibrate in my mouth or inspire me to burst into the latest tune by Katy Perry. I’m grateful it doesn’t tell me what to pick up at the grocery store, or bother me with telemarketing recordings. My e-cigarette gently tells me when I need to charge the battery or the cartomizer, (if it’s my V2Cigs), or fill the Clearomizer (if it’s my fabulous Halo Triton).

In short, I’m happy my e-cig is my e-cig, not my phone; not my lover; not my home entertainment system.

Maybe I’ll change my mind if and when the SuperSmokerBluetooth outsells all other electronic cigarettes and becomes more popular than a Big Mac; or when they introduce battery banking and e-juices that change color with the weather report. Perhaps then I’ll suck it up, buy one, test its bells and whistles (including it’s e-cigarette performance) and write a more forward thinking review.

If you can't wait, you can purchase the SupersmokerBluetooth online for € 79.95 and on-line in the U.S. for $99.00, although I had great difficulty navigating to the U.S. website. Hopefully the product works a bit better. 

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